Sustainable Projects: Energy

Projects are selected and funds dispersed by the Sustainable Campus Committee, which is comprised of a mix of students, faculty and staff.

But the projects and ideas that we discuss come from you. Good ideas come from anywhere, and we want to hear yours.

You can:

Electric Vehicles

  • Awesome Eagle in an electric cart
  • electric cart with our ecoeagles logo
  • the electric  "Old Police Cart" re-purposed for our recycling program

We have purchased electric vehicles for the campus staff to get around campus. They are a much better alternative to using gas vehicles all of the time.

Fact: Driving an average EV results in lower global warming emissions than driving a gasoline car that gets 50 miles per gallon (MPG) in regions covering two-thirds of the U.S. population.


Solar Tables

  • Awesome Eagle at a solar table
  • a solar table near the Native Plant Garden
  • a solar table on the South Patio of the U.C.

We have worked to install several Solar Tables around campus. These have electrical outlets and USB ports to charge your phones or laptops while enjoying some fresh air. The newer installations also come with remote charging so that anyone with a phone including remote charging can simply set their phone on the table to charge.

Solar Tree

 sustainable campus committee at the solar tree

Located outside of Clement Hall, this group of solar panels shows a campus commitment to clean energy and allows students to do research with actual solar power in our Smart Grid laboratory.


Green Room

  • Awesome Eagle outside of the Green Room
  • Awesome Eagle using the energy generating equipment

Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, TN worked with three groups from the school - The Fitness Center, Facilities and Business Services and the Sustainable Campus Committee - to bring the Green System by SportsArt to Tennessee Tech as part of the campus' commitment to going green. The former cardio room, now called the Green Room, has installed a combination of 16 ellipticals, recumbent cycles and upright cycles from the Green System to replace some of the older equipment, converting about 75 percent of energy generated by users back into the Fitness Center's electrical system as reusable energy. Each piece of equipment is connected to a DC voltage booster that sends the human-generated energy back into the building's power grid through inverters. A cluster of 10 Green System machines can convert up to 2,000 human watts of energy from exercisers every hour. You can find articles on this program in the Oracle here and here.


Lighting Upgrades

Building Meters

TVA Green Power Switch

Upgrading the light fixtures on campus is ongoing. LED lighting lasts up to 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs and typically uses 1/3 the watts fluorescent bulbs use. Occupancy sensors are also included in all renovations and new construction. At least 24 campus buildings are equipped with electric sub-meters, and installation is continuing for all on campus buildings; including all residence halls. Usage is monitored by Facilities. Green Power Switch is a simple way for you to increase regional renewable energy and protect the local environment for future generations. TN Tech does our part to support renewable electricity from sources such as wind, solar and biomass.


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