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Projects are selected and funds dispersed by the Sustainable Campus Committee, which is comprised of a mix of students, faculty and staff.

But, the projects and ideas that we discuss come from you. Good ideas come from anywhere, and we want to hear yours.

You can:

A big part of campus sustainability is focused on transportation. Tennessee Tech offers a free bike rental program, Bike Share, and a free campus shuttle program (see below). There are also many electric vehicles on campus used by faculty and staff. The student-led recycling program uses electric vehicles to collect recycling on campus. If you see an electric vehicle around campus, you should see our Eco Eagles logo on it!

If you have ideas regarding sustainable transportation around campus, please reach out to us!

      For info. on the TN Tech Shuttle options ⇓⇓           For more information on the Tennessee Tech Bike Share program ⇓⇓

     Shuttle Tracking App                       BikeShare Program

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