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Sustainable Campus Committee

Creating a more environmentally sustainable campus is a top priority for Tennessee Tech and its students.

In 2005, the student body voted to pay an additional $8 fee (Bill F05-01) to help pay for and implement green projects and programs. SGA voted to increase this fee to $10.00 (Bill S18-017) in the Spring of 2018 

Since then, the university has used the money generated by students to purchase a fleet of electric vehicles, institute student-run recycling and bike share programs across the campus, install more efficient lights and motion sensors to turn them on and off, and many more projects to make this campus more environmentally friendly.

Projects are selected and funds dispersed by the Sustainable Campus Committee, which is comprised of a mix of students, faculty and staff.

Recently, we have invested in the AASHE STARS Program, Green Power Switch, Project Regrind & Associated Research, along with other initiatives such as Student Outreach through things such as Earth Week Activities and the “Tree”mendous planting on campus. We are currently working towards LEED Certification for the new Science Building, but are always open to new project ideas from students on campus. You can submit your ideas through our proposal form.

Meeting Information
Our meetings are always open to students and faculty that would like to sit in. The start time is 3:30 P.M. The meetings will take place in the TJ Farr Conference Room 108. 

Spring 2023 Sustainable Campus Committee meeting dates:

January 25th, 2023

February 22nd, 2023

March 29th, 2023

April 26th, 2023


  • Students

    Ms. Erika Phillips, Chairman- Design Studies

    Ms. Claire Meyers - Chemical Engineering

    Ms. Kayla Sorensen - Environmental Sustainability

    Ms. Amanda Laboy - Wildlife and Fisheries

    Mr. Zachary Walls - Biology

    Mr. Austin Sanders - Agriculture

    Ms. Emma Farley - Biology

    Ms. Lenna Rodgers - SGA

    Ms. Samantha Bugter - SGA

    Ms. Diana Popa - SGA

    Mr. Daniel Braun - SGA

    Mr. Raley Hendrix - SEAC

    Ms. Lauren Matlock -Multidisciplinary Studies

    Ms. Grace Schrider - Design Studies

  • Faculty and Staff

    Ms. Delayne Miller, Executive Officer - Sustainability

    Mr. Ben Stubbs - Student Engagement

    Dr. Steve Sharp - Environmental Sciences

    Ms. Erica Hoffman - Res. Life 

    Ms. Amanda Ramsey - Communications and Marketing

    Mr. Joshua Crowe - Outdoor Programs

    Ms. Terri McWilliams - Business Office

    Dr. Hannah Upole - Human Ecology

    Ms. Shawn Krosnick - Biology

    Ms. Liz Humphrey - Engineering

    Ms. Kashmoney Pride - Res. Life

    Mr. Aeric Gunnels - Human Ecology

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