Recycling Education Campaign

The Office of Sustainability began this campaign, Make a Difference-Purple Pride Going Green, in partnership with Communications and Marketing after receiving a $35,000 grant from TDEC in 2017. We have since been awarded the PepsiCo Zero Impact Fund (ZIF, 2020) which is $10,000 that will go toward the continual growth of our recycling program and this campaign.

Since the official launch of this campaign in the fall semester of 2018, nineteen new recycling stations with comprehensive signage have been placed around campus. 

 Recycling station at the FitRecycling station at Henderson Hall

Additionally, we've helped with the Tech Togetherness Initiative, Heating Up the Quad, in making a low-impact event for two consecutive years and we plan to do it again! The Sustainable Campus Committee, and other volunteers, help guide participants at this event in how to properly dispose their waste. This includes compostables, recyclables, and the little that actually goes to the landfill. You can check out more information on Heating up the Quad in 2018 here.

The set up of different waste bins at HUTQ in 2017. Compost, recycling, and lanfill.HUTQ in 2018

Tech's Office of Communication and Marketing- Creative Campaign

Make a Difference-Purple Pride Going Green is an all-inclusive multifaceted initiative that aims to continuously educate all of Tennessee Tech's student, faculty and staff & residents of Putnam County about recycling. This initiative is designed to ensure that the Tennessee Tech campus and Putnam County residents are informed about recycling related topics on a consistent basis. The implementation of the Purple Pride Going Green Initiative will create a consciousness of recycling in the community by continuously educating the community about the need to recycle, the environmental implication of recycling, recycling materials, available resources for recycling and the different ways materials can be recycled. 

Awesome Eagle Makes a DifferenceStudents Make A DifferencePurple Pride Going Green

For more information on recycling practices at Tennessee Tech, look here or contact the Office of Sustainability through email or phone: (931) 372-3021.

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