Title IX

Pregnant and Parenting Students

Under Title IX, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, including discrimination based upon pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions. In addition, students are entitled to reasonable accommodations and adjustments related to the pregnancy such as medical leave and excused absences.

Reasonable Accommodations 

Accommodations for students allowed under Title IX as a result of pregnancy and related conditions include:

  • Excused absences/leave deemed medically necessary by a physician

  • The opportunity for students to make up work missed due to medically necessary absences

  • A return to the same academic and extracurricular status as before the pregnancy

  • Reasonable adjustments to an education program or activity such as:

      • Accessible seating (i.e., a larger desk)

      • Appropriate restroom breaks

      • Other academic adjustments

Procedures for Filing Complaints or Requesting Accommodations

Students with questions, complaints, or accommodation requests related to pregnancy should first contact Greg Holt, Tennessee Tech’s Title IX Coordinator, at or 931-372-6005 or Students may also complete the online complaint form.  

Complaints of discrimination or harassment will be processed in accordance with Tennessee Tech Policy 144, Title IX Policy and Grievance Procedures.

A student requesting pregnancy related accommodations will be required to submit a physician’s letter to the Title IX Coordinator that includes the dates of the student’s absences along with a statement that the absences are medically necessary.

The Title IX Coordinator will work with the student and faculty members to create a plan for completion or make up of course work. Individual plans may be adjusted as circumstances change. In creating a plan, the Title IX Coordinator may also request the assistance of the Provost, the Dean of Students, and the Accessible Education Center.


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