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Academic & Administrative Resources 

Tennessee Tech has a Women and Gender studies minor available to any undergraduate student. The administrative committee responsible for advancing women's equity on campus is the Commission on the Status of Women.
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Women & Gender Studies     Commission on the Status of Women

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Helpful Spaces

Below we have compiled a list of helpful spaces on campus. From lactation spaces to your accessible education needs, there are options for you to find the right place on campus. Select the tabs below to find more information. 

There are very few spaces available to express milk across campus. Below you can find some options. 

  • Health Services: appointments can be made to use the spaces in Bell Hall 105 by calling (931) 372-3320.
  • Henderson Hall 101: open 24/7. Enter through the handicap access on the ground floor after hours. 
  • Lab Science Building: inside the women's restroom on the first floor (the north side of the main building). 
  • Southwest Hall 134: open weekdays 8-12 and 1-4:30.
  • TJ Farr 302c: open when the building is open.
  • Women's Center: appointments can be made to use a lockable office. Equipped with outlets and a sink.
    Call (931)372-3850 or email to reserve the space.

There are a few single-stall lockable restrooms available on campus. Below you can find a map indicating where you can find them. 

Download the Map


The mission of the Tennessee Tech Intercultural Affairs Office is to provide support for the personal, cultural, social, and academic growth and development of students from underrepresented ethnic populations. We provide and encourage opportunities for all the students to learn about their history, take pride in their heritage, and explore their potential. We promote Multicultural awareness by providing an environment that embraces diversity.

Multi-Cultural Affairs

This center works to ensure equal access for all qualifying individuals to Tennessee Tech's academic and physical environments, and further dedicated to providing quality services to students and faculty, through a variety of resources including academic adjustments, assistive technology and software, as well as other support programs that promote awareness of the law and other disability-related services.

Accessible Education Center

Scarlett & Murphy's Business Professional Closet is a FREE resource offered to students to best help them continue their growth as young professionals. Located on the 4th floor of Johnson Hall, the closet serves students by providing clothing for presentations, interviews, and other professional business events. Through a one-on-one consultation with the closet's staff, students can browse the clothes they have available. 


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Here you can find a list of student groups where you can connect to other students, exchange ideas, and support each other. This list does not include faith-based or social greek-life organizations. Click here to find a complete list of student organizations.


Organization Advisor Email Box Purpose
All Ladies of Civil Engineering (ALICE) Dr. Tania Datta  5015 To facilitate an environment that inspires and empowers female engineering students by providing mentorships with the goal of completing a degree in Civil and Environmental engineering. 
Association for Computing Machinery's Committee on Women in Computing Dr. Muhammad Ismail   5004 To promote the educational and scientific contributions of women in computing.
Black Student Union Charria Campbell  5145 To serve as a liaison between the university and black students and aim to foster student growth and development through diversity, academics, community service as well as outreach. The Black Student Union gives black students a voice on campus which can at times be unaware of what it is like to be a black student on a predominately white campus.  
Center for Diverse Education (CODE) Dr.  Julie Baker  5116 To establish an organic setting where student-athletes have the opportunity to convene and communicate about real world issues, changes that we would like to see in the community, as well as the world around us. To provide a healthy environment for student-athletes to manifest change, partner with surrounding schools in the community to serve as role models and impact the youth, as well as grant student-athletes support and provide a platform to speak about issues plaguing our country today. To achieve unity across different athletic programs on this campus and establish a connection in order to bring about change.   
IMPACT TTU Dr. Ashley Akenson and Dr. Andrea Acre-Trigatti 

5116 To promote multicultural awareness, spark interest in and provide education on issues of diversity and equality, develop an inclusive service-learning community, and enhance student retention and academic success. 
Lambda Alpha Sigma Dr. Dennis Duncan  5034 To promote the advancement of women in agricultural fields.
Lambda Gay-Straight Alliance Dr. Mark Cramer   5061 To provide a network of support, safety, and unity for LGBTQ students on Tennessee Tech's campus.
Nontraditional Student Organization Jeannie Smith 5176 To promote information, guidance, and mutual support among its members, and to facilitate the education of nontraditional students of Tennessee Tech. 
Peer Empowerment Program Nicole Cook  5052 To engage students of all backgrounds to come together and address the issues of sexual violence on TN Tech's campus. PEP will work closely with Project AWAKEN to provide awareness, advocacy, knowledge, empowerment, and nurturing to survivors, as well as education of the campus community, thus enhancing the safety of our campus. To apply, fill out this application.
Society of Women Engineers Dr. Kris Craven  5002 An organization that stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers.
T.E.A.M. Dr. Chester Goad  5091 To promote advocacy, education, and practical activities related to accessibility that leads to implementation or improvement of accessibility in three primary areas; digital accessibility, physical accessibility, and academic accessibility.


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Need help? Below we have compiled some places on campus where you can find help and support when you are in need. From making a complaint to making ends meet, there are places on campus that are ready to assist you. Expand the purple bars below to find more information on each section. 


  • Make a Complaint

    Everyone is entitled to an educational and work environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. This includes the relationships among students as well as between students and university faculty and staff. There are a number of different Tech policies and federal laws that protect this right. For specific information about these laws and policies and how to report an experience of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, check out the HR Complaints Page here.

    Everyone can also file complaints anonymously if they want to. Here is a link to Tech's anonymous general complaint form. If the complainant does not wish to disclose their identity, they can just skip the bottom section.


  • Make Ends Meet

    Food Pantry

    Tech runs a food pantry to help anyone on the campus community who might need it. The main pantry is in Tech Village with a smaller location in the Volpe Library. Directions on how to use the pantry can be found by clicking here.

    Emergency Assistance

    There are other assistance options if someone experiences a financial emergency, including the Eagle Assistance Grant, intended to provide limited, one-time financial assistance to enrolled Tennessee Tech students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of temporary hardship related to an emergency situation. The program supports sudden, urgent, or unforeseen occurrences that require immediate attention.

    Read about Emergency Assistance Options

  • Seek Counseling

    TN Tech Counseling Center

    Everyone needs someone to talk to. The TN Tech Counseling Center is right down the hall from the Women's Center on the third floor of the RUC in RUC 307.

    The Counseling Center offers brief, short term, solution focused therapeutic interventions for TN Tech University students. Eligible students are allotted 12 individual sessions per academic year in addition to workshops and groups or crisis appointments.

    To schedule an appointment:

    • Call the office at (931) 372-3331
    • Use the Eagle Wellness Portal
    • Stop by in person in Room 307 of the Roaden University Center
    • Don't email! Never send confidential info over email--it's not secure.

    If you need help after hours, you can call the Eagle Eye After Hours Crisis Hotline at 855-206-8997 or 931-372-3331

  • Seek Medical Care

    TN Tech Health Services

    Bell Hall 105, Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm; (931)372-3320

    TN Tech's Health Services provides appointments for birth control and pap smears by appointment only. Offers evaluation and treatment of Women's Health and gynecological problems. Birth control is dispensed at the clinic. Confidential STI testing available.

    After a sexual assault:

    • The person may want to seek medical care. It is strongly recommended they do so within 120 hours (five days) to preserve any evidence that may be left behind. A medical professional can examine them, provide appropriate treatment, and, if applicable, talk with them about the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and pregnancy.
    • When possible, avoid changing clothing, showering, using the bathroom, brushing teeth, drinking liquids, washing hands or face, or combing hair prior to seeking medical attention.  If clothes are changed, evidence is best preserved in a paper bag. Preservation of evidence does not mean that someone has to pursue criminal charges, but it preserves that option. 
    • Exams can be performed at the local emergency room by a medical professional. Or, a specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner can perform exams outside of Cookeville.



     Bell Hall Room 254, Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm; 931-372-6566;

    ASPIRES is a federally funded grant program at Tech. ASPIRES addresses sexual assault on Tech’s campus by providing free forensic exams (commonly called ‘rape kits’) by specially trained registered nurses and comprehensive advocacy services from trained victim advocates. 

  • Consider Reporting

    Reporting sexual misconduct to law enforcement or the university is a deeply personal choice that only you can make. 

    The university strongly encourages you to report any incident of sexual misconduct. Reporting the incident is the only way that the university and/or law enforcement can take action. You can report to law enforcement, the university, or both. You can (but do not have to) report an incident to law enforcement before, during, or after an investigation or a resolution of the incident by the university. 

    Report to Law Enforcement:

    • TN Tech University Police (931) 372-3234, or Foundation Hall 24/7
    • Cookeville Police Department (931) 526-2125

    You can report to the University by contacting the Title IX office. Title IX protects everyone's access to education regardless of sex (which means biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation). Title IX can also help you seek resources and accommodations whether or not you decide to file a formal complaint. Reporting to Title XI does not guarantee that the incident will also be reported to law enforcement. You have the right to decline to report the incident to law enforcement.  

    Tennessee Tech University Office of Title IX

    Even if you do not report the incident to law enforcement or the Title IX office, you can still access medical care, counseling, and other support from the university. The Women's Center can help you access resources.  


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