The Tennessee Tech Women's Center opened its doors in January 1993, with a mission to empower women in the student body, on the faculty, and on the staff of the University community through education, the dissemination of information, and consultation. This includes coordinating and collaborating with other functional areas of the University to provide a range of services that will enhance the lives of women within the university community and within the larger society. The Center exists to advocate for women and to address issues that will improve the lives of women and men.

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We're here to help by providing resources, referrals, and programming designed to educate and enlighten. The Center offers a comfortable space where women's needs come first. We hope that women, in all their diversity, will feel empowered to seek information and to share their concerns and interests within these walls.Though our focus is women and their needs, there is not a "for women only" attitude here. We delight in anyone using our resources for the betterment of themselves and the community.

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