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Spring 2024 Events

All WMC events are open to all & everyone is welcome!


Women in Leadership

Check out the details of this semester's WIL speaker series: Advancing Women's Leadership in Higher Education

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Book Club

Each semester we select a common read and hang out once a month to dive in. We end book club with a creative workshop inspired by the common read.

This Term's Club

Attune Journal

Each semester we produce a newsletter with writers from across campus covering all kinds of topics related to women and gender. 

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January Events

Charlotte Green & Lesbian Fiction

January 30, 6:00pm, Virtual- Watch Party at the WMC (RUC 339)

Charlotte Green is this semesters WMC Book Club title Author! Listen to a sample of her most recent work and her experience with writing queer women's fiction and diverse characters! 


Charlotte Greene

February Events

WMC Gallery Opening

WMC Gallery Opening: Featuring Matdeline Phillips

February 6, 3:30pm-4:30pm, Women's Center (RUC 339)

Celebrate the work of Matdeline Phillips, this semester's winner of the WMC Exhibition Award, with us at the opening of her exhibition.



Book Club, Session 1:

February 6 , 11:00-12:00pm, WMC (RUC 339)

This semester we are reading: Gnarled Hollows by Charlotte Green. More information to come!


Book Club

One Billion Rising 2024

One Billion Rising

February 14, 10:00am-2:00pm, RUC Lobby

One Billion Rising is the biggest mass action to end violence against women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence) in human history. The campaign, which launched on Valentine’s Day 2012, began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped during their lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. The Women's Center participates in this international event every Valentine’s day.

The Tennessee Innocence Project:
Jessica Van Dyke and Joyce Watkins

February 20th, 6PM, Bell Hall 285

Sponsored by Center Stage and co-hosted by the Commission on the Status of Women. Come listen to Joyce Watkins tell of her fierce fight for exoneration for crimes she didn't commit, after serving at 27 year sentence. Learn more about the Tennessee Innocence Project and how to support them here.

Joyce Watkins article

Portrait of Dr. Regina Bradley looking away from the camera in a pink and brown dress.

The Rise of the Hip Hop South

February 22, 6:00pm, Tech Pride Room (RUC 101)

Come listen to Regina N. Bradley, Ph.D., a prominent public voice and leading scholar on contemporary Southern Black life and hip-hop culture, discuss Chronicling Stankonia. This vibrant book pulses with the beats of a new American South, probing the ways music, literature, and film have remixed southern identities for a post–civil rights generation. We celebrate fifty years of hip hop with this tribute to southerness, black culture, resilience, and music.

Go TEAM! Having Healthy Conflict! With Tammy Key from Key Learning & Development

February 27, 12:00pm-3:00pm, Tech Pride Room (RUC 101)

Every team experiences conflict. Come learn tips on building your interpersonal influence,  having a good difficult conversation, and more!

Lunch Provided- RSVP Here for Lunch!

More on Key Learning & Development 

Sponsored by The CAFE

Tammy Key


March Events

Simone Viel black and white headshot looking straight at the camera

Celebrate International Women: Simone Veil

March 5, 5:30 pm, Henderson 004

Join us and the Soirée Cine club to celebrate the life of Simone Veil, holocaust survivor and first woman to serve as President of the European Parliament.

Popcorn, drinks, and charcuterie provided!

Gnarled Hollow: Book Club with LambdaGSA

March 5, 11:00-12:00pm, WMC (RUC 339)

Come discuss the first half of Gnarled Hollow with us!

Sign up here! 

Book Club with Lambda

Headshot of Chanda Prescot-Weinstein looking aslant at the camera in front of a painting of black women and stars.

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, the author of a new database that aims to make stars of Black women in physics.

It Wouldn't Have Happened without Her: Celebrating Women in STEM

March 26, 11 pm, Stonecipher Lecture Hall Lobby

Join us and the Women in Physics Club to walk a gallery full of informational posters that showcase the contributions that women have made to science.

Refreshments provided.


April Events

Book Club

Gnarled Hollow: Book Club with LambdaGSA

April 2, 11:00-12:00pm, WMC (RUC 339)

Come discuss the second half of Gnarled Hollow with us! This will be our last book club of the semester, refreshments and snacks provided!



Clothesline Project

The Clothesline Project

April 11, 10:30am-2:00pm, RUC MultiPurpose Room 

Every April, during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the WMC participates in the Clothesline Project.
The Clothesline Project is an event, created to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women, men, and children. For those who have been affected by violence, it is a means of expressing their emotions by decorating a t-shirt. 


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Women in Leadership Luncheon

April 16, 12:00pm-1:30pm, RUC Tech Pride Room (101)

Come join us at this semester's Women in leadership Luncheon. We welcome our speaker Lindsay Pride! Editor of the Herold Citizen. Lunch provided by the Office of the Provost with RSVP below. 

RSVP Here 

Spring 2024 Women in Leadership Luncheon

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Session

April 19, 12:00-2:00pm, Bell Hall 260

Join us for this semesters session of our Financial Wellness Series! More information coming soon! Boxed lunches provided with RSVP below.



WMC and CSW Banquet

Commission on the Status of Women & the Women's Center: 2024 Banquet

April 22, 6:00pm, RUC Tech Pride Room (101)

Celebrate the all the hard work of the year with the Women's Center and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). We'll recognize the graduates of the WMC, our Attune contributors, our interns, and everyone who has worked so hard this year. The CSW will be recognizing the winners of the student and employee annual awards.

Dinner Provided- RSVP Here


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