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Attune is a student-edited publication produced each semester that focuses on  the lives of women and gender minorities and contemporary issues in gender equity. You can read or download Attune here. If you are interested in contributing or getting involved, check out our contributor guide below or contact us.

Attune - The Women's Center Journal

Read the latest issue of Attune here, pick up a copy at the WMC, or download a PDF through the link below. Thank you to all of our readers and contributors. 


Attune has been published biannually since 1994, covering many topics such as contemporary issues in the lives of women and gender minorities, campus life, and advocacy. You can browse the Tennessee Tech archives for past Attunes with the link below. To request access to the full copies, all you need to do is email



This is a picture of a Attune from 1994 next to a Attune from 2022

Executive Editor: Helen Hunt,

Current Managing Editor:
Spring 2024: Bethany Kelsey, Professional and Technical Communication 

Recent Managing Editors:

Fall 2023: Nicki Parish, English
Spring 2023: Nicki Parish, English
Fall 2022: Nicki Parish, English
Spring 2022: Rachel Pearson, Psychology & Hailey Kincer, English


Contributor Guide

We accept non-fiction articles and essays, creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photography, and other art in any medium that can be printed in our pages.  Final contributions should be no more than 750 words or a single 8 1/2 by 11 spread. Contributors may submit multiple pieces for consideration, which should be indicated at the pitch stage.

Pitches for contributions should be submitted via email to the executive editor by the current semester's pitch deadline. Pitches should be 100-200 words describing the contribution and include the author's affiliation (Tech student, staff, faculty, or community member).

Spring 2024 Schedule

February 8th: pitch deadline

February 19th: first draft deadline

March 8th: submit revised draft to executive editor

March 29th: final draft deadline


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