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Period Poverty Drive

Period poverty is prevalent all around us. Many people who menstruate struggle to afford period products during their monthly cycle. Here at the Women's Center, we recognize period poverty for what it is—a public health crisis. Join us in our fight against period poverty!

Team picture at last year's period poverty drive proudly presenting their assembled kits.




Period Poverty Drive

11:00 AM, RUC Tech Pride Room

What is Period Poverty?

Period Poverty is the "inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools and educations, including but not limited to sanitary products, washing facilities, and waste management."


What does this mean?

  • Period Poverty happens all over the world, all the time.
  • 1 in 4 women in the U.S. struggle to buy period products due to lack of income.
  • 1 in 5 first generation college students experience period poverty.
  • Lack of access to menstrual products forces some people to use makeshift products which can lead to significant and life-threatening health complications. 
  • 68% of people who experience period poverty every month reported symptoms of moderate to severe depression. 

Decorative image of period products saying "end the stigma. period."


Image says these are not period products: newspaper, toilet paper, socks

Did you know?

Period products are categorized and taxed as luxury items. Added taxes leave many people who menstruate without ways to safely manage their periods, thus exacerbating period poverty. Not to mention, we ALL pay tampon tax, whether you experience period poverty or not. This is just one of several ways that period poverty effects us all. 

How to Help?

Join us for our second annual period poverty donation drive, December 1st!
Last year, we were able to create over 440 period kits to donate locally. We plan to beat that number this year. Oh, and don't forget your ugly Christmas sweaters!

Decorative image of a giving hand saying "join the fight"

Look out for a donation box at the Women's Center, dorm halls, or the University Services building to drop off your period product donations!

Or contribute by supporting the Period Poverty Drive financially. Click the link below, specify the amount you wish to give, and select "Period Poverty" on the dropdown menu. 


Thank you for joining the fight against period poverty!

Request Period Supplies

If you are in need of a sustainable menstrual product, you can use our request form below and we will try to work things out for you. Whether you are a student or an employee at Tennessee Tech, the Women's Center would love to help you getting the supplies you need. 

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