Cyber Management and Analytics Certificate

Cybersecurity has become a global concern requiring utmost attention from all sectors in academia, government and industry. Despite the growing demand and tremendous job opportunities in the industry, there is a shortage of skilled professionals regionally, nationally and globally. This certificate aims to help address that talent gap by providing students with basic managerial and business knowledge of IT analytics and data resources management, policy compliance and ethics, strategic management of personnel and network security, risk detection and mitigation, cyber audit, and IT project management.

  • DS 6530 - Advanced Data Analytics

    An introduction to expert systems, decision support systems, and executive information systems as they are employed in business organizations.

  • DS 6540 - Network Security

    Introduces students to the concepts of telecommunications, wide and local area networks, and other state-of-the-art communications technologies.

  • DS 6550 - Database Management

    Introduces students to the concepts, terminology, tools, and techniques comprising the general area of data resources management.

  • DS 6570 - Cyber Security Management

    The objective of this course is to provide students with a solid foundation and best practices for policy, governance, risk management and compliance with respect to an organization’s information technology and resources.

  • EMGT 6210 - Project Management 1

    Prerequisite: EMGT 6100-Introduction to Engineering Management and undergraduate Calculus-Based Probability and Statistics course. Comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of project management as applied to scientific or technological organizations; including project planning, organizing, staffing, scheduling, budgeting and controlling. 

  • ACCT 6290 - Essential Tech for Accountants

    Prerequisite: Admission to the Master of Accountancy degree program. Examination and application of current technology tools commonly used in the accounting profession including pivot tables, Vlookup tables, data filtering, graphic presentation of data, data security, and data extraction.

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