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Flexible • Self-Paced • Only 10 Courses • Professional Certificates

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Flexible Curriculum

The core content of the MBA program provides the fundamental business knowledge that students need to become effective managers in any industry. The program offers graduate-level education in accounting, finance, marketing, economics and statistics, IT, and leadership.

Additionally, the program culminates in a comprehensive capstone course that requires students to apply the core principles from the program in an experiential, simulated business setting. The option of industry-focused certificates allows students to further specialize industry-specific skill sets. These certificates are available in healthcare, cyber management and analytics, and banking.


Self-Paced Program

The MBA program is designed to accommodate the demands of our students’ everyday lives. It allows students to pursue a degree at a pace that is comfortable for them, in as little as one calendar year, or spanned out across several years, if necessary. The program allows for the flexibility of taking semesters off or raising/reducing course loads with each semester.

Students who come out of high school with dual-enrollment credits have the opportunity to finish their undergraduate degrees in less than four years. Tech’s MBA program offers a four-year pathway to multiple degrees. With one additional year at Tech, students can walk away with both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in Business Administration. Additionally, adding three classes to an MBA program of study allows students to earn a certificate.

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Just 10 Courses/30 Hours

Tennessee Tech’s MBA is a 30-hour, fully online program consisting of eight core courses (24 hours) and two electives (6 hours). The core courses span all critical areas of business, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organizational behavior and leadership, information technology, data analytics, and business strategy.

Electives are offered in all areas of the business core, including economics, accounting, finance, marketing, business management, and data science. Electives may also be satisfied by special offerings, including international travel courses or independent research. Elective offerings vary by semester and include courses in advanced data analytics, services marketing, entrepreneurship, cyber management, financial statement analysis, network security, economics of healthcare, banking and financial services, and others.

MBA + Professional Certificates

If you’re going for your MBA, you can make your hours do double duty toward a certificate in one of several high-demand, technologically infused specializations offered at Tennessee Tech. It’s just one more way Tech is streamlining the process for acquiring career-relevant skills that help you invest in yourself

  • Banking + Finance – For current banking professionals and business managers seeking a graduate degree in business with a more directed track

  • Cyber Security Management + Analytics – For individuals managing information systems, conducting data analytics, working with big data and communicating data analyses

  • Healthcare + Informatics – For healthcare professionals seeking mid-level and advanced healthcare leadership positions, and also for medical and pharmaceutical professionals who oversee the business aspect of their own practices

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