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Business analytics get involvedExpand your educational and professional horizons by getting involved in any of our engagement opportunities offered by the TTU College of Business Analytics Program. The Business Analytics Program along with the rest of the College of Business maintains and supports student clubs and organizations, annual events and conferences, and program-specific student collaborations and experiential learning opportunities to further elevate our rich education experience. Getting involved does not only open doors for future employment and professional growth, but it also makes for a more memorable and valuable university experience.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha PsiBeta Alpha Psi is the international honor organization for financial information students and professionals. Beta Alpha Psi aims to engage with members and institutions within the organization to encourage academic excellence, professional development, and responsible practices. The organization supports the study and integral practice of accountancy, finance, business analytics, and digital technology as well as provides opportunities for service, professional development, and interaction among business professionals. Beta Alpha Psi at TTU allows members to participate in service projects, attend regional and annual meetings, and offer tutoring for finance and accounting course students. Accounting majors of at least junior standing with an overall QPA of 3.0 and a 3.0 QPA in all accounting courses are eligible for membership.

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

AITPThe Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is a university club that (insert purpose of the club and what the club activities consist of). AITP is perfect for students who are interested in a career in business computing and information systems. Business Management, Option BIT (Business and Information Technology) students comprise the majority of the membership, but all business students are encouraged to join.

Computer Forensics 

computer forensicsComputer Forensics and Investigations (DS4125) introduces students to the exciting world of digital forensics. Computer Forensics is relevant to all areas of business, criminal justice, human resource management, computer science, and many other fields as well. Through the course, students learn about the tools, techniques, and environment associated with the field. Students develop skills and expertise working in a state-of-the-art forensic lab solving case problems using actual forensic methodologies. These cases often include the use of steganography, cryptography, password cracking, recovery of hidden data or deleted data, and analysis of digital artifacts. The class is designed to appeal to both technical and non-technical students who have a basic understanding of computer software (DS2810 or equivalent). If you are interested in enrolling or have further questions, please contact Dr. Doc Wells.  

Society for the Advancement of Finance and Economics (SAFE)

SAFEThe Society for the Advancement of Finance and Economics (SAFE)  is a professional network that is primarily dedicated to research in various fields of finance. SAFE promotes the development and enhancement of financial and economic research by supporting multiple research projects, recognizing significant research contributions, and creating a platform for research and idea exchanges. On campus SAFE activities include guest lectures, a fund-raiser, and social events. The society also helps coordinate the internship program and provides tutoring services to students in finance and economics related courses. SAFE is open to all students interested in a finance or economics major. Letters concerning the organization are mailed to students who have declared such majors, but interested freshmen and sophomores are also welcome to join.

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