Department of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

IBAC & Spanish Graduate Beth Douglass in the French Alps

The world is getting smaller by the minute…figuratively speaking, of course. We live in a global village, and the world is at our fingertips through advances in technology, transportation and communications. What better way to connect to our world than through foreign languages? Whether it’s cheering on your favorite fútbol team in Central America, admiring works of art at the Louvre, or translating a business deal for BMW, Tennessee Tech University can help you make the jump into a lifelong adventure and fulfilling career field. The possibilities are endless!

Graduates in foreign languages from TTU work in many fields, including business, education, international diplomacy, science and engineering, and communications. The benefits of learning a foreign language are countless. Doors will open and your horizon will be expanded as you venture into new worlds and learn to appreciate other cultures from around the globe.

French Major Sarah Gillespie in Germany

Come join us in the Department of Foreign Languages at Tennessee Tech University to start an exciting new adventure in learning!