COIS Career Opportunities

What Can You Do With A Degree from the College of Interdisciplinary Studies?

There are numerous exciting career paths available for individuals pursuing degrees in various fields such as environmental and sustainable studies, interdisciplinary studies, communication studies and journalism, and professional studies.


For those passionate about the environment, careers in environmental studies can range from environmental scientist to conservation officer, allowing you to contribute to the preservation and sustainability of our natural resources.

Interdisciplinary studies can lead to careers in research, policy analysis, or project management, enabling you to address complex societal issues by integrating knowledge from different disciplines.

Communication and journalism open doors to becoming a reporter, public relations specialist, or content creator, allowing you to inform and educate the public on important matters.

Professional studies in health administration, IT, and organizational leadership offer diverse career prospects in healthcare management, technology, and team leadership, respectively, fostering efficient operations, shaping the digital landscape, and guiding teams towards success.

Regardless of the field, pursuing these career paths provides the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in areas you are passionate about, contributing to positive change and personal fulfillment.


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