College of Interdisciplinary Studies

The College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Our college provides a unique offering of programs including undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields.

The College of Interdisciplinary Studies will provide an outstanding academic experience while customizing a degree program to meet personal and professional career goals.  Blending science, humanities, business, and technology to implement new and creative programs that expand traditional areas of study.  The School of Interdisciplinary Studies offers the opportunity to emphasize not one but two key program areas of interest.  The School of Environmental Studies prepares students to lead and succeed in this fast-growing career field through solid scientific foundations and broad context applications. The Department of Communication provides students the opportunities to learn skills directly related to various media fields and gain experience which builds their portfolio by participating in various organizations.  The School of Professional Studies provides a wide range of career-advancing degrees which are offered completely online.  The College of Interdisciplinary Studies provides students the ability to create individual programs that match their interests and prepare them for a future of success!

The Interdisciplinary Studies program is a true asset to Tennessee Tech, and I hope to see it continue to grow and be supported by the university. I'd like to hear more about COIS alumni and what they're doing now and to encourage them to stay connected and give back in support of the program and its current students.
Interdisciplinary studies saved me from my indecisive freshman and sophomore years, letting me graduate with the credits I had in place. I recommend to anyone who had a drastic major change (or 6, like me) to investigate interdisciplinary studies!
Excellent program. I was already working in technical education and wanted to tailor my degree to match my career. The staff seemed to know exactly what I wanted to do and worked with other colleges within the university to customize a degree that perfectly matched my educational needs.


I am proud to be a graduate of Tennessee Tech!
-College of Interdisciplinary Studies Alumni

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