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In a world full of endless possibilities, being an undecided major is not a roadblock but a gateway to exploration and personal growth. At the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, we understand that the path to finding your passion is as unique as you are. That's why we champion the flexibility that comes with being undecided, encouraging students to immerse themselves in a diverse range of subjects and experiences.

Here, curiosity is not only welcomed but celebrated, and the College of Interdisciplinary Studies provides the perfect canvas for you to paint the masterpiece of your academic journey. So, whether you're still discovering your interests or have a multitude of passions, join us in embracing the liberating power of uncertainty and charting a course that's uniquely yours.

Help with career goals

Choosing your career can be stressful and time-consuming. We can help. Our resources are free, so give them a try.

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Help picking your courses

Did you know that many courses are accepted for a variety of majors? This is especially true during your first semester. We will help you find "safe" courses—ones that won't waste your time or money—while you are exploring your academic options. But be careful. The longer you stay undecided the more courses you'll take that are unnecessary for your final major. Your assigned Advisor will help you choose these courses.

Help with transferring from other colleges or universities

Transferring to a university may seem complicated. We can help you with that process.

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Undecided Degree Plan

CATALOG YEAR: 2023-2024   

This plan is intended to guide students through their first year with courses that will allow them to start exploring their interests while also keep their options open. The plan also includes action steps (benchmarks) and resources to help them choose a major. The goal is for them to choose a major by the end of their first year.

  • Fall Semester

    LIST 1610 (3) 
    ENGL 1010 (3)
    MATH (3) 
    Humanities (3)
    Social Behavioral Science (3) 

    Total Credit Hours: 15

    Meet with Launchpad Success Coach
    Attend Career Fair
    Attend Success Series Major Workshop
    Choose top 3 majors of interest or Declare Major

  • Spring Semester

    ENGL 1020 (3)
    COMM 2025 or PC 2500 (3)
    Humanities (3)
    Natural Science (4)
    HIST 2010 (3)

    Total Credit Hours: 16

    Meet with Launchpad Success Coach
    Attend Success Series Major Workshop
    Complete Gold Career Readiness Program
    Declare Major

  • Additional Course Options based on Incoming Credit

    ENGL 2130, 2235, or 2330 (3)
    HIST 2020 (3)
    Natural Science (4)
    Social Science (3)
    Elective (3)

    Available Credit Hours: 16

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