Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

2022 Summer Intensive 

Welcome to the CITL Summer Intensive! The focus of this year's intensive is helping instructors create tech-infused courses by following the OLC Course Review rubric. 

The OLC rubric provides a standard for course design that enables synchronicity across campus through guidelines that will help instructors implement best practices and make sure their course is accessible, engaging, and helpful for students. 

The CITL Summer Intensive is a two-day workshop experience open to all Tennessee Tech faculty. Our Summer Intensive will take place in person in Volpe Library Room 112 or virtually through Microsoft Teams.  Day one will consist of four morning sessions that will unpack the first 3 categories of the OLC Course Design Rubric, a break for lunch, and then breakout rooms in the afternoon where you can work one-on-one with the CITL staff. Day two will be similar, but focusing on the next 3 categories. 

Come back soon for full session descriptions and additional information. You can register below! 


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