Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

2022 CITL Summer Intensive 

Day 1 

Beginning with an overview of the OLC rubric, one of our Instructional Designers, Taylor Chesson, will walk through the first 3 categories of the OLC Rubric and provide helpful tools and best practices. 

Session 1: Welcome 

8 - 8:45 AM 

Our first session of the day will focus on introducing participants to the OLC Course Design Rubric, our CITL Team, and each other. 

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Session 2: Course Overview and Information

9 - 9:45 AM 

The second session of our summer intensive will cover the elements and best practices for designing your course overview and information. 

Introduction Announcement 

  • What do I include in an introduction announcement? 
  • How do I format it so students will read it? 

Welcome Video 

  • What information do I include in my introductory video? 
  • Why do I need to have an introductory video for an in-person class? 

Course Information 

  • Why do I need a separate section for course information? 
  • What do I include in the course information? 


  • What do I include in my syllabus? 
  • How can I make my syllabus accessible? 

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Session 3: Course Technology and Tools

10 - 10:45 AM 

The third session of our Summer Intensive will focus on the highlighting the different technology tools available for use in your courses. Taylor will go over the list of supported instructional technologies, best practices for integrating technology into your course, accessibility, and what information to share regarding the technology in your course. 

TN Tech Tech Tools 

  • What tools are available to me for free? 
  • How do I access these tools? 

Highlight YuJa and Poll Everywhere 

  • Scaffolding 
  • How do I know my students are able to use these tools? 
  • What resources can I provide to help them? 


  • How can I link to frequently used tools? 
  • How do I link texts and images? 

Accessibility & Privacy Policy 

  • How do I know my course is accessible for each student? 
  • What is a privacy policy and why do I need to include it? 

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Session 4: Course Design and Layout 

11 - 11:45 AM 

In the final session of Day 1, Taylor will provide the design principles and best practices for course design and layout, highlighting the reasoning behind the different design theories. Lauren will then share tips & tricks for designing your course in iLearn. 

Logical Layout 

  • Is my course easy to navigate? 
  • How is content organized? 

Written Instructions 

  • Are instructions provided on each module and assessment? 
  • How do I write good instructions?

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12-12:45 PM 

Lunch will be provided, or attendees can bring their own, or leave and return for the afternoon session. 

Session 5: Apply & Discuss 

1 - 4:30 PM 

The afternoon will provide a time for attendees to apply and discuss what they have gleaned from the morning's sessions. The CITL staff will be available to assist individually and in small groups, as well as facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.

      Day 2 

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