Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

2022 Summer Intensive 

Day 2 

During Day 2 of our Summer Intensive, a member of our Instructional Design Team, Heather Rippetoe, will cover the next 3 categories on the OLC Course Design Rubric. 

Session 5: Content & Activities 

8 - 8:45 AM 

Session 5 of this year's Summer Intensive will focus on building on the foundation from Day 1 by taking a look at the content and activities within your course. 

  • How can we support 21st century skill development in our courses? 
  • What digital tools can students use to be creators rather than consumers of information?

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Session 6: Interaction

9 - 9:45 AM 

After providing information on the best practices for content and activities in your course, during session 6 Heather will dive deeper into interaction within your course. 

  • How does student-to-student interaction support student success? 
  • What are examples of student-to-student interactions both in person and online? 

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Session 7: Assessment & Feedback

10 - 10:45 AM 

During session 7, Heather will discuss the importance of designing and implementing successful opportunities for student feedback. 

  • How can instructors benefit from regular student feedback? 
  • How does soliciting and responding to student feedback support student development? 

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Session 8: Apply & Discuss

11 - 11:45 AM 

The closing session of our Summer Intensive will provide more time for discussion and application. Our team will be available to assist you, as well as recieve feedback on the sessions. 

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Feedback Survey Day 1 

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