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Collaborating on videos

Kaltura supports several options to work together on video projects. The primary method we support is adding collaborators to videos. This can be done by going to the Actions menu and selecting Edit

From the Edit menu there is a Collaboration tab where you can add Collaborators and change the owner of the video. To add someone as a collaborator or to change ownership, the individual must have an existing account in Kaltura. This is done when the user accesses My Media from iLearn or from TTU Media Portal at least once. If you can find their username in the search field that means their account exists in Kaltura.

Media Owner

The media owner is automatically assigned to whoever created or uploaded the video originally. If you would like to give your videos to another user you can use Change Media Owner to do that.

Note: When you complete the ownership change you will IMMEDIATELY loose access to that video unless the new owner has made you a Collaborator. 


Kaltura currently supports 3 types of collaborators on videos, Co-Editors, Co-Publishers, and Co-Viewers. Please see details for each type below.

  • Co-Editors

    Co-Editors have the ability to edit parts of the video. This includes changing descriptions, tags, captions, and using the Video Editor to trim/chop videos.

    Co-Editors can not delete videos nor add new Co-editors. They can however see video analytics.

  • Co-Publishers

    Co-Publishers can publish the shared video anywhere they have access. This means they can share the video with their classes in iLearn or create links to them from the TTU Media Portal.

  • Co-Viewers

    Co-Viewers can only watch videos, not edit or publish them. This could be useful if you want someone to review your video without making it public. The video would only be viewable in the Co-Viewers My Media and not in a publicly accessible area.

If you want to review this and additional information about collaborating on media please check out the Media Collaboration User Guide.

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