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TN eCampus is a partnership of higher education institutions across Tennessee, including Tennessee Tech University, created to provide students with more options for online learning. TN eCampus courses are fully online, although some courses may have proctored midterm and/or final exams. Multiple proctoring options are available for proctored exams, including the use of a virtual proctor, so students can take exams wherever they are.

Summer 2024 TN eCampus Term Dates 

  • Only full-term sections are available via TN eCampus during summer terms. 
  • The last day to drop a summer TN eCampus course for a full refund is May 19. 
R50 Tuesday, May 21 Monday, May 20 Friday, July 26

*TN eCampus courses begin at 3:00 p.m. Central on the start date. Accounts may be accessible up to a week before the start date, but courses will not appear until the 3:00 p.m. start time.

TN eCampus Section Number Definitions 

  • R50 = Full-term courses
  • R01 = First-term, accelerated courses (7 weeks)
  • R25 = Second-term, accelerated courses (7 weeks)

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How can I tell if a course is on eCampus or iLearn?

In addition to online courses through TN eCampus, Tennessee Tech offers a growing number of online courses via iLearn, the University’s learning management system. It’s easy to tell which courses are on iLearn and which ones are through TN eCampus by checking your schedule for a course’s section number. All TN eCampus section numbers begin with the letter R. If the section number does not begin with R, look for the course in iLearn.

Online Course Reference Chart 

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Access 


Resolving Issues 

  • What if I experience an issue in a TN eCampus course? Is there anyone at Tennessee Tech who can help me?

    Yes! Every institution in the TN eCampus partnership has a person designated as a liaison to support and assist TN eCampus students. Contact information for Tennessee Tech’s Student Liaison can be found below. Remember that questions about assignments and grades should be directed to your instructor, but if you need additional support, your Student Liaison is ready to help.

     TN eCampus Student Liaison:

    Amy Phillips
    Online Student Services Specialist
    Phone: (931) 372-3396

  • What if my TN eCampus instructor does not respond to my email from my TN eCampus account?

    When emailing your instructor, you should receive a response within 48 hours, although some instructors do not respond on the weekend. Excluding weekends, after 48 hours with no response, check the Instructor Information page in the Getting Started module of your course for alternate contact information.

    You should find an alternate email address to use to send a follow-up message from your Tennessee Tech student email account. If you still do not receive a response, please contact the TN eCampus Student Liaison for assistance.

  • How can I drop a TN eCampus course? 

    Once Eagle Online closes for schedule changes, you will need to complete the Add/Drop Form and send it to your advisor. If you need assistance with the process, please contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office.


TN eCampus Resources 

TN eCampus Student Liaison 

Amy Phillips
Tennessee Tech University
Online Student Services Specialist
Email: [preferred]
Phone: (931) 372-3396

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