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Media Gallery

The Media Gallery is for videos that you want to share with your class. Videos posted to the Media Gallery will be visible to everyone who has access to your class. The Media Gallery is unique to every single course in iLearn. You can customize each Media Gallery to fit the needs of that specific course. On this page we will cover a few settings in the Media Gallery. While publishing a video to the Media Gallery is an excellent option for sharing videos with your courses it's not the only option. Due to that we cover Publishing Media in iLearn on it's own page.

Settings in the Media Gallery

In the Media Gallery you can get to the settings menu by clicking on the 3 bar icon in the top right of the page just below the navigation barand choosing Edit. From the edit menu you will immediately be able to add a description to your Media Gallery as well as control whether comments are enabled, visible, and if media published in Content are viewable here. The primary thing to be done here is the creation and management of Playlists.


Playlists allow you to group videos into smaller manageable lists. This also allows you to control the exact order videos are presented to your students and even lets you group videos by topic or whether they are optional or mandatory. Playlists can be intimidating at first, due to the variety of options, but this walkthrough, created by Kaltura, goes into detail about every step involved with creating and managing playlists.

Importing Media

If you have a Media Gallery set up in another course, you can copy that Media Gallery into a new course. If you don't have anything in your current Media Gallery you will see a banner at the bottom of the empty Media Gallery that says "To import content from another media gallery you manage, click here." If you click that option you will be presented with every course that you have instructor access to that has an active Media Gallery. You can then chose to import that Media Gallery into the one you are currently in.

If you already have media in your Media Gallery you can access the Import option from the settings menu in the top right of the Media Gallery, which will give the same set of options.

NOTE: If you have more than 10 playlists in your Media Gallery only the first 10 will be imported. This is a system limitation and may be adjusted in the future by Kaltura.

Removing media from the Media Gallery

You can also remove media from your Media Gallery at any time.

Select the ... icon below the thumbnail of the video you want to remove. This will reveal a X icon, which you can use to remove that piece of media from the Media Gallery.

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