Respondus Monitor

Educator Resources 

Respondus Monitor is built in to Respondus Lockdown Browser and can be accessed through iLearn. 

  • Login to iLearn through Tech Express 
  • Got to Assessments. Then select Quizzes
  • Select Lockdown Browser from the second top menu under the main iLearn bar menu. 
  • You can turn on Respondus Monitor for each quiz in the Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard. 
  • "Fix It" Errors

    In D2L, a "Fix it" error can occur for a few reasons. These include:

    1. You delete or change the "requires Respondus LockDown Browser" text from the quiz title.
    2. If any quizzes in the course have a timer setting greater than 999. It does not matter if the timer setting is enabled or not. All that matters is the setting greater than 999 is present in the quiz's options. The solution is to first lower the timer settings for all quizzes in the course, then open the LockDown Browser Dashboard. At that point, click "Fix it" for all quizzes that display an error.
    3. When the grace period for the exam is set to a value of 0. In this case, the workaround is to change the grace period to 1, click the "Fix-it" button in the LockDown Browser Dashboard, and then set the grace period back to 0.
    4. The course is a new copy of an older course that had quizzes with the "legacy" LockDown Browser settings. In this case, the "Fix it" error indicates the quiz title needs to be updated to include the "requires Respondus LockDown Browser" banner amendment.
  • Students having issues?

    Are students having an issue or just want to provide them with the resource? Please look at the page Having Issues with Respondus LockDown Browser? we have available to help.

Respondus Monitor is a companion product to LockDown Browser. In order to use Respondus Monitor in a course, you will need to make sure students have access to the following. 
System Requirements (Students)

  • Windows: 10, 8, 7. Details
  • Mac: OS X 10.12 or higher.
  • iOS: 10.0+ (iPad only). Must have a compatible LMS integration. Details
  • Web camera (internal or external) & microphone
  • A broadband internet connection

At Tennessee Tech University, we believe that all students should have equal technology opportunities in the classroom. The following list includes technologies that may appear in Tennessee Tech courses and the accessibility information for each of those technologies.

Monitor Accessibility Information

Additional Assistance 

Please contact the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at or call x3675.




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