Getting a Direct Link to a Video

Would you like to allow someone to view your link that is not in a class or even associated with Tennessee Tech? You can get a direct link to any video to send to someone.

Access YuJa Media

  1. You can go through iLearn and select the YuJa Media link or you can go to and login using Tennessee Tech University Single Sign-On.

Get the Direct Link for the Video

  1. Place your mouse cursor over the video you want to get the link for to view the menu options.
  2. Select the More option. Make sure the option is highlighted in white before clicking or it will open the video instead of going into the More options.
    Select the More menu
  3. Select Links below the video to the left.
  4. Select the copy button to the right of the Direct Link to the right.
    Select Links, then copy the direct link

You can then paste this link into an email or presentation. It may also be used if you have to submit a file for an assignment. You can paste the link into the file and submit the assignment that way.

View more information about creating video presentations or submitting them in iLearn.

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