Uploading Media from Your Computer

Uploading videos from your computer to YuJa

Did you use Kaltura? Have a Zoom or MS Teams meeting recording you wanted to allow others to view? If the videos are still on your computer (or a drive you have access to), you can upload them to YuJa.

Need to find your videos for Kaltura, Zoom, or Teams on your computer?

  1. Select YuJa Media from the Navigation Bar in iLearn or go to the YuJa Media Link.
    Select YuJa Media in the navbar

  2. You will be taken to the YuJa My Media. Open your the folder where you saved the file where you can see both screens. Drag your video file into the area entitled Drag & Drop to begin the upload process. You will see a notification when your upload has finished.
    Drag and drop files from your computer

  3. After the upload has completed, the video will be in processing for a few minutes.
    File will appear in the Manage Media area of YuJa when uploaded

Optional uploading methods

Drag and Drop Multiple Files

  1. Yuja supports dragging and dropping multiple video files at a time. Select the files and drag them into the Drag & Drop
    You can upload multiple files at one time

Use the Upload Option

  1. You can also upload video files from the Upload Follow the steps shown.
    Select the Upload button

  2. After selecting the video file or files, click on the Start Upload button to begin uploading.
    Select Start Upload