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The college years mark an important period of personal and psychological growth that can be stressful for students. On occasion students may experience difficulty coping. As a TN Tech University faculty or staff member you may be faced with students whose behavior ranges from the mildly distressed to clearly disruptive. You may even encounter a student who is threatening or dangerous to him/herself or others.

In many cases you will be able to respond effectively to the student's needs. However, there will be times when you will want to refer the student to someone else for assistance. The Students in Distress online guide is designed to help you recognize signs of concern and to provide information to assist you in determining how to respond to the student and situation.

The guide includes links to additional information for working with distressed/disturbed, disruptive, or dangerous students. Should you need additional help, the Counseling Center staff is available to respond and for consultation regarding ways in which you might help the student or make an appropriate referral.

Students in Distress: A Helper's Guide

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