Counseling Center Services

The TN Tech Counseling Center offers brief, short term, solution focused therapeutic interventions for TN Tech University Students.  Eligible students are allotted 12 individual sessions per academic year.  This does not include workshops, groups or crisis appointments.

Students with more complex, severe or chronic psychological or issues related to substance use that would be best served through long-term therapy are referred to an outside provider in the community.  We are available to assist students with this process.


Counseling Center Services

Eligibility for Counseling Services

Any student who is currently enrolled at TN Tech Univ. is eligible for Counseling Center services. These services are free to currently registered TN Tech students. When a student requires a service that is not provided by the Counseling Center, we will assist in making a referral to an appropriate community resource. 

The entire staff of the TN Tech University Counseling Center works as a team to uphold our Confidentiality Policy.  Confidentiality and Exceptions and Limitations are outlined in the Informed Consent & Notice of Privacy Practice Document.


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