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Helping a Friend who has been Sexually Assaulted

Be available.

  • Provide a safe environment.
  • If possible, stay with your friend.

Be attentive.

  • Listen and accept what you hear.
  • Do not press for details.
  • Allow your friend to share some of his or her feelings.

Assure your friend.

  • Make sure she/he knows the violence is not her/his fault, that she/he is not alone, and that help is available.
  • Put your own judgments and opinions on hold. Your friend needs to know that she/he will not be judged or rejected by you.

Be your friend’s advocate.

  • Help your friend access information about medical care, reporting, and counseling by reviewing the "If You Are A Victim Of Sexual Violence" section.
  • Obtain information about all available resources, such as Tennessee Tech's Counseling Center or Genesis House Sexual Assault Response Center, and give the details to your friend.
  • Encourage your friend to obtain a medical examination if s/he has not done so, but in other respects resist your natural desire to give advice.
  • Remember, survivors of sexual assault need to regain a sense of control over their lives. Allow your friend to make her/his own decisions about the next steps.
  • Help your friend follow through with the decisions s/he makes. This may mean going to the hospital or police with him/her or providing a place to stay for a few nights.
  • Seek emotional support for yourself. Call the Counseling Center, 931-372-3331, Tech ASPIRES, 931-372-6566, or Genesis House, 931-526-5197 or 800-707-5197, to debrief or to get tips on how to help your friend. Please call the Eagle Eye Crisis Hotline for afterhours at 855-206-8997 and mention Tech ASPIRES. 


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