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Reporting Sexual Assault

There are several options available to a student who was a victim of sexual violence and who decides to report. In addition to bringing charges in criminal or civil court the victim may also seek recourse through university disciplinary process if the perpetrator is a student.

Reporting a rape or sexual assault to University officials or filing a police report creates a record should you decide to sign a criminal complaint.Tennessee Tech Police, Residential Life, and Tennessee Tech Faculty and Staff must inform university administration and local law enforcement that an alleged sexual assault has occurred. Once reported, the decision to continue with legal proceedings is determined by the evidence collected and the District Attorney.

If you want to talk with someone before you make a decision whether or not to report, the Genesis House Sexual Assault Response Center, The TN Tech Health Services and the TN Tech Counseling Center are not required to report sexual assault to law enforcement unless you choose to do so.

The location of the crime determines which law enforcement agency will be responsible for the investigation. Cookeville Police or Putnam County Sheriff’s Department respond when an assault takes place off campus.


University Disciplinary Procedures
Sexual assault, in addition to being a violation of state law, is a violation of the Tennessee Tech Students Conduct Code. When the perpetrator is a student, the victim may initiate campus disciplinary action. In order to bring charges of sexual assault against another student, a student must initiate the judicial process by contacting the Dean of Students Office, 931-372-3123. For more information about the university disciplinary process, please refer to the Tennessee Tech Student Handbook.



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