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Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to the department of curriculum & instruction

Learn from the past. Impact the present. Focus on the future.

We provide emerging teachers access to a broad range of cutting-edge, high-quality programs focused on training and informing the educators of the future. Our degrees and programs are nationally accredited.

Enjoy Learning, Enjoy Teaching

The love of learning and guiding others to their full potential is a common thread among curriculum and instruction majors. Our graduates will be teachers and leaders who are competent, caring professionals who work effectively in a diverse, technological society. We are nationally accredited and serve as a testing ground for new ideas, techniques and technology associated with curriculum and instruction.

Your Classroom Close to Home

Through the 2+2 elementary education program, you may be able to experience your first two years of education at a nearby community college, then finish your degree through our program while still staying close to home.

Excel at All Levels

Whether you are looking to start your career with your bachelor’s degree, build on your experience with an advance degree or seek licensure in a specific field, we can help you excel to your highest level.


TTU's College of Education is taking part in the TBR Ready2Teach program redesign.

The primary goals of the Ready2Teach Initiative are to:

  • Prepare teacher candidates so that they have a positive impact on student performance from the first time they enter the classroom.
  • Work collaboratively with schools to improve outcomes for students, schools, and communities

Tk20 Data Management System

TTU's College of Education and Department of Curriculum and Instruction are working with Tk20, a comprehensive data and reporting system that will improve our processes, manage candidate transition points, and track key assessments in program coursework.

We are excited about the possibilities Tk20 provides and the positive effects on your educational experience at TTU. Check your syllabi and consult with your instructors for assessments that must be submitted to Tk20. All professional education courses include assessments within Tk20. Learn more about Tk20 or visit