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Graduate Programs & Concentrations
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Computer Science Education / Program 
Online Teaching & Design / Program
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Students Engaging, Responding, Volunteering, and Impacting Communities Everywhere

Curriculum and Instruction Concentrations:
M.A./Ed.S. Programs of Study

Applied Behavior Analysis* (MA) (EdS) (Online or Hybrid) Library Science (MA) (EdS) (Online)
Curriculum (MA) (EdS) (Online or Hybrid) Literacy (MA) (EdS) (Online) 
Early Childhood Education (MA) (EdS) (Online or Hybrid) Music (MA)
Educational Technology* (MA) (EdS) (Online) Secondary Education (MA) (EdS)
Elementary Education (MA) (EdS) (Online or Hybrid) Special Education (MA) (EdS) (Online or Hybrid)
Exercise Science (EdS) (Online) STEM Education (MA) (EdS)
Family and Consumer Sciences (MA) (EdS) (MA Online)  *More Info Below

Instructional Leadership M.A./Ed.S.

The Instructional Leadership (INSL) hybrid/online degrees prepare graduate candidates seeking licensure for positions as school administrators in Tennessee. 

INSL Programs of Study: M.A. (PDF) / Ed.S. (PDF)
Each degree requires passing the Administrator's Praxis Exam.

 M.A. Degree + Licensure (50 credit hours)*

*All licensure (lic) components involve recommendations from the
Office of Teacher Education.

  • M.A. Concentrations + Licensure

    Curriculum + Computer Science Education
    Early Childhood + Lic Early Child
    Early Childhood + Lic Special Educ Early Childhood
    Elem Education + Lic Elem Ed K-5
    Library Science + Lic Lib Info Specialist
    Secondary Ed + Lic English 6-12
    Secondary Ed + Lic Biology 6-12
    Secondary Ed + Lic Chemistry 6-12
    Secondary Ed + Lic Earth Science 6-12
    Secondary Ed + Lic Math 6-12
    Secondary Ed + Lic Math 6-8
    Secondary Ed + Lic Physics 6-12
    Secondary Ed + Lic History / Geography / Government / Economics / Social Studies, 6-12 

    Special Education (SPED)

    SPED + Lic SE Comprehensive
    SPED + Lic SE Interventionist K-8 
    SPED + Lic SE Interventionist Biology 6-12
    SPED + Lic SE Interventionist English 6-12 
    SPED + Lic SE Interventionist History 6-12 
    SPED + Lic SE Interventionist Math 6-12

 Exceptional Learning Ph.D.

Five concentrations and two strands allow students to focus on specific areas of professional and research interests.

  • ELPhD Concentrations

    Applied Behavior Analysis (two strands)
    Young Children & Families
    School-Aged Children & Adult Populations

    Health Behaviors & Wellness Education


    Program Planning & Evaluation

    STEM Education


Comprehensive Exams for M.A. / Ed.S.

Curriculum and Instruction comprehensive exams are required of all M.A. and Ed.S. students in the final semester of their program.

  • About Comps

    Questions are generated by the student's graduate committee members.

    The exams are offered each semester.

    Inquire with your graduate advisor for detailed information.

    Exam Notification

    Olivia Newman, , will contact each student through their Tech e-mail account with information regarding the exam schedule.

*More About the Applied Behavior Analysis and
Educational Technology Concentrations

  • Applied Behavior Analysis  / M.A. or Ed.S.


    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a data-centered approach to instruction and behavior change.

    Pursue careers in research, education, medical support services, residential facilities, or private practice. As demand increases for services related to autism spectrum disorders and positive behavior intervention systems in schools, our program offers this cutting-edge Master of Arts concentration to meet the needs of a growing profession.

    - - - - - -
    Association for Behavior Analysis International

    The Association for Behavior Analysis International has verified the following courses toward the coursework requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® examination.
    Applicants will need to meet additional requirements before they can be deemed eligible to take the examination.

    aBai Verified Course Sequences

    ACAI graphic


    Contact Dr. Krystal Kennedy or call 931-372-3105


  • Educational Technology / M.A. or Ed.S.


    The program now has the option for an embedded certificate in "Online Teaching and Design" and an optional certificate in "Computer Science Education."

    The MA/EdS concentration in Educational Technology is an advanced, online degree program. We emphasize a practical approach to implementing innovative technologies into K-12 classrooms. In addition to the technology-focused curriculum, a research core creates a strong graduate program.

    EdTech Faculty Contacts

    Dr. Jason Beach, 
    Dr. Sandi J. Smith-Andrews,  
    Dr. Jeremy Wendt, 

    Please contact us and we'd be glad to come to your school and share information and answer questions about the program.

    About the VISION Lab

    The VISION Lab in Curriculum & Instruction supports the entire College of Education.

    The hardware and software will support multiple students and faculty members simultaneously in the virtual environment. In addition to the terminals, the lab is equipped with an Omni treadmill for full interactive immersive activities.

    Led by Dr. Beach, the project began with an Improving Teacher Quality grant.

    vision lab

Flight Path to Graduate School

  • Skip the Entrance Exams with Flight Path

     The Graduate Flight Path Program allowed prospective students, meeting certain criteria, to qualify for an exemption from taking the MAT or GRE graduate entrance exam(s) for Master's and Education Specialist degrees.

    Students Successfully Completing:

    3.0 Undergraduate GPA

    EdTPA requirements

    Praxis testing

    Teacher License

    The MAT/GRE admission requirement for the C&I Master’s degree will be waived for students who have successfully passed EdTPA, Praxis, and teaching license requirements with an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.

    The requirements will be confirmed through Office of Teacher Education (OTE) and Graduate Studies.

    Flight Path becomes effective with graduates beginning in Spring 2016 in all UG licensure areas. Students who meet requirements may waive the MAT/GRE requirement for up to three years beyond their graduation date.


    Current or former graduate students may start an Educational Specialist degree:

    • Tech Master’s degree education students who have graduated within three prior years of application with a 3.5 or higher GPA may enroll in a Specialist in Education degree program without recommendation letters or additional MAT/GRE testing.

    Tech Master’s degree education students who have graduated within three prior years of application with a 3.5 or higher GPA may enroll in a Specialist in Education degree program without recommendation letters or additional MAT/GRE testing.



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Please consult the current graduate catalog and your advisor for important steps throughout your degree program, including comprehensive exams and applying for graduation.

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