Center of Diversity Education (CODE)

Vision, Purpose, and Mission

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The Center of Diversity Education (CODE) is a student organization at Tennessee Tech University. The purpose of the organization is to establish an organic setting where student-athletes have the opportunity to convene and communicate about real world issues, changes that we would like to see in the community, as well as the world around us. To provide a healthy environment for student-athletes to manifest change, partner with surrounding schools in the community to serve as role models and impact the youth, as well as grant student-athletes support and provide a platform to speak about issues plaguing our country today. To achieve unity across different athletic programs on this campus and establish a connection in order to bring about change.

Qrack the Code Conference 2023

June 7 & 8th, 2023 

A 2-day exhilarating experience for student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and professors, the Qrack the Code (QTC) Conference is the only student-athlete led conference of its kind that caters to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment of the student-athlete. Our two-day, action-packed conference is filled with content designed to empower the student-athlete to diversify their own narrative. The goal of the QTC Conference is to exemplify diversity, but also challenge student-athletes to maximize their resources in order to "redefine the defined" and "change the narrative" of what a student-athlete is "supposed" to be. Professionals, students, and administrators who attend the conference are empowered to go back to their respective campuses and implement the knowledge gained at the conference to better their respective institutions.

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