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The Millard Oakley STEM Center is a national leader in rural STEM Education.



The Oakley STEM Center enriches pre-kindergarten through college (P-16) student STEM learning with hands-on inquiry, enhances the STEM preparation of new and practicing teachers, prekindergarten through high school (P-12), models innovative instructional design and learning environments, conducts rigorous STEM education research, and collaborates with industry and organizations to strengthen STEM education initiatives across the region, state, and nation.



The Oakley STEM Center opened in Ray Morris Hall in 2010 and is the outcome of years of planning, dreaming, and developing valuable partnerships with government and education agencies, business and industry, and with the regional community and beyond.

Our focus is on enhancing, improving and impacting the way STEM subjects are taught, made accessible to students, and how those experiences are evaluated and studied.


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