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The center provides regional educators and schools with a range of resources from professional development workshops, field trips, our traveling interactive lab...the STEMmobile, and more!

Professional Development & Registration

  • Ready for TN Science: Professional Development Series

    About the Series

    The Oakley STEM Center has developed a series of professional development trainings to assist educators in navigating the transition to the new Tennessee Science Standards. Each session is anchored in the Conceptual Framework for K-12 Science Education.

    Sessions 4:30-6pm

     October 21: Register Here

    dECember 3: Register Here

  • Upper Cumberland Math Professional Learning Community

    About the PLC

    This PLC is designed to provide a series of professional development opportunities for educators seeking to implement technologies into their mathematics classrooms.

    These sessions provide Upper Cumberland mathematics teachers with the tools and community needed to use the technologies with confidence.

    We invite you to join the Upper Cumberland Math Professional Learning Community (PLC).

    December 2nd Session: How do you use Chromebooks effectively in the Math classroom? 

    A presentation of the research backing the use of Chromebooks in the classroom. An introduction to resources and various platforms teachers can utilize with Chromebooks in their daily classroom routines.

    Presenters:  Kayla Presson and Melinda Wise

    Sessions: 4:30-5:30pm

    December 2: Register here


TSIN Innovative Educator Workshop at Prescott South Middle School

The workshop participants, both teachers and administrators, will be immersed within the daily activities at PSMS over the two-day workshop. All workshop participants will spend quality time with academic and encore teachers to learn first-hand how personalized learning and STEM strategies are utilized in PSMS’s cross-curricular units and PBLs. Workshop participants will also gain firsthand knowledge of the various before/during/afterschool activities at PSMS.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at PSMS for each day of the workshop and a dinner will be provided at the Oakley STEM Center during the evening of the first day of each workshop.

Stipends will be provided to workshop participants at a rate of $50 per day and substitute  teacher reimbursements will be provided to the respective school districts for the attending teacher participants.


Our field trips provide an engaging lesson led by a member of the Oakley STEM team and assisted by the classroom educator. This format allows the classroom educator to facilitate the learning environment while the STEM team instructor leads the content of the Expedition.


    During the program students participate in multiple hands-on, minds-on, cross-curricular, standards-aligned activities, PLUS a Virtual Theater experience.

    Lesson experiences are designed based on the grade level of the students attending and may vary from year to year as new experiences are developed.

  • How can I reserve an EXPEDITION Field Trip?

    Please email Carlos Galindo at to arrange a date.

    Please provide the following information in your request. The STEM Center will coordinate and confirm your request upon receiving your information.

    • What is your preferred date of visit?
    • How many students will be attending?
    • What are the grade levels of your students?
    • What is your expected arrival time?
    • What is your needed departure time?
    • Will you be bringing lunch to eat in our lobby?
    • Will you require bus parking?
    • How many teachers/teacher’s assistants will you be bringing?

  • Minors On Campus Policy

    NOTE: Tech Policy No. 120 requires a 30-day advanced approval process requiring groups bringing minors on campus to secure local administrative permission using the following language to be included on your student permission slips:

    MINORS ON CAMPUS: Language for P-12 / Parents

    Tennessee Tech cares deeply about the safety and welfare of children while on its campus. As the event organizer or parent (as applicable), you are solely responsible for the supervision, oversight and protection of the participant(s) while on Tennessee Tech property.

  • Student Capacity

    Each activity can accommodate 25-30 students, led by one Oakley STEM Team member, and facilitated by one or more classroom teachers.

    Total capacity is 75-100 students, requiring three to four teachers, during one E(x)PEDITION.

    Total capacity requests can only be accommodated when Tech is out of session during May, August, or December.

  • Teacher & STEM Team Leader Responsibilities


    COMPLETE Minors on Campus Form Letter and return to the STEM Center 30 days prior to Expedition date.

    ARRANGE bus transportation to and from the STEM Center for teachers and students.

    BRING a minimum of 1 teacher per 25 students.

    PROVIDE lunches and beverages for each student participant and yourself (if needed) or make arrangements to eat on campus.

    PROVIDE BEHAVIOR GUIDANCE for students while they are guests of the Oakley STEM Center.

    STEM Team Leader

    LEAD the hands-on activities for your students.

    DEVELOP activities/labs that are grade-appropriate and Tennessee Curriculum standards aligned.

    SUPPLY materials, equipment, and learning studios as appropriate for the activities.

    MAKE AVAILABLE “lab” instructions or activity sheets for each hands-on project.

    FURNISH lab aids including visuals, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and other learning aids as required for the activity.

    PROVIDE STEM Center support staff to assist with the hands-on activities and technology in the learning studios.

  • Want to LEAD your own EXPEDITION Field Trip?

    Contact the STEM Center at or call 931-372-6573, to arrange a date and classroom to LEAD your own E(x)pedition experience using our curriculum or yours.

    You may have access to our Lending Library equipment as well to design your own curricular experience.

    These sessions will NOT be staffed by the Oakley STEM team, but staff will be available to support your planning process for your own teacher-led E(x)pedition.

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