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This year’s Cumberland Plateau Regional Science & Engineering Fair has unfortunately been canceled, due to the continually changing circumstances of this challenging year and the impact it's having on students and educators across the State. In an effort to offer the best experience possible for everyone involved, we believe it's best to host it when we can offer the fair on campus once again.

2021 Virtual Science & Engineering Fair

65th Annual Cumberland Plateau Regional Science & Engineering Fair

March 25-27 | Senior Division: 9th - 12th Graders

Virtual award ceremony March 28th

  • Prepare for the Fair


     We have changed and added new categories that students can compete in.

    Animal and Plant Studies (AP) The study of animal and plant life, including their structure, function, life history, interactions with other plants and animals, classification, and evolution. Includes: Animal Behavior, Development and Growth, Ecology, Genetics/ Breeding, Nutrition and Growth, Pathology, Physiology, Soil and Pesticides, Systematics, and Evolution. 
    Behavioral and Social Science (BE) The science or study of the thought process and behavior of humans and other animals in their interactions with the environment studied through observational and experimental methods. Includes work on Psychology and Sociology. 
    Chemical Science (CH) The science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter and/ or their interactions with living organisms. Includes the study of the design, synthesis and properties of substances, including condensed phases (solid, liquid, polymers) and interfaces, with a useful or potentially useful function.
    Earth and Environmental Science (EA) Earth and Environmental Science are studies of the environment and its effect on organisms/ systems, including investigations of biological processes such as growth and life span, as well as studies of Earth systems and their evolution. Including: Atmospheric Science, Climate Science, Environmental Effects on Ecosystems, Geosciences, Water Science. 
    Energy and Environmental Engineering (EE) Energy is the study of renewable energy sources and structures, energy efficiency, biological and chemical processes of renewable energy sources, clean transportation, and alternative fuels. Includes: Hydro Power, Solar Power, Wind Power, Thermal Power, Sustainable Design, Alternative Fuels, Fossil Fuel Energy, Fuel Cells and Battery Development, Microbial Fuel Cells. Environmental Engineering are studies that engineer or develop processes and infrastructure to solve environmental problems in the supply of water, the disposal of waste, or the control of pollution. Including: Bioremediation, Land Reclamation, Pollution Control, Recycling and Waste Management, Water Resources Management. 
    Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science (ER) Engineering studies the design, manufacture, and operation of machines, structures, processes, and systems. Includes, Aerospace and Aeronautical,  Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Construction, Industrial, Processing, Ground and Naval Vehicles. Robotics is the studies in which the use od machine intelligence is paramount to reducing the reliance on human intervention such as Biomechanics, Cognitive Systems, Control Theory, Robot Kinematics, Machine Learning. Computer Science is the study and development of technological software and hardware and information processes. Including: Programming, Algorithms, Data Bases, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Communications, Computational Science, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Computer Systems, Operating Systems. 
    Health and Wellness (HW) Health and Wellness are projects that aim to improve human health and longevity by translating novel discoveries into effective activities and tools for clinical and public health use. Projects can be those developed through basic research moving toward clinical testing or project that provide feedback about the applications of new treatments and how they can be improved. 
    Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics (PM) Physics is the science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two. Includes: light, sound, magnetism and motion. Astronomy is the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols.



    Visit the link below for ISEF rules, information, and PDF. We suggest you print a hard copy for your reference. 2021 International Science and Engineering Fair Rules & Guidelines

    REQUIREMENT: Before students start any research, the necessary forms must be approved and signed by the appropriate individuals (i.e. Adult Sponsor, Institutional Review Board (IRB) and/or the Scientific Review Committee Members (SRC) on human or animal research, etc.)


    The criteria outlined in the attached rubrics will be used to judge projects.

    2021 Judging Rubric 

  • Location & Schedule



    This year's fair will be held virtually.

    Projects will be judged virtually by appointment.


    March 25-27: Judging of exhibits virtually by appointment. 

    (Details TBD)



    The Awards Ceremony will be held virtually on Saturday, March 28, 2021 at 2:00 P.M. 



    Tennessee Tech cares deeply about the safety and welfare of children while on its campus. As a parent, guardian, or teacher (as applicable) if a student is attending the 65th annual Cumberland Plateau Regional Science and Engineering Fair, you are responsible for the supervision, oversight, and protection of your student participant(s) while on Tennessee Tech property.

    A parent, guardian, or teacher (as applicable) must accompany the student(s) at all times. Students may not be left unattended.   

    NOTE: This year the fair will be held virtually and there will not be a physical event on Tennessee Tech's Campus

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