STEM Lending Library

The Oakley STEM Center is home to a valuable resource for your classroom, community organization, or family engagement events. The Lending Library is a collection of instructional equipment the STEM Center has been building up over the past several years.

There are thousands of items ranging from hand-held data acquisition units with sensors and probes, to math manipulatives, to LEGO Mindstorms.

The Lending Library  

The Oakley STEM Center is curating the largest catalog of classroom STEM equipment in the Upper Cumberland, and it is all available to our Lending Library Members. Formal educators, informal educators, and parents may all join the Lending Library.

To gain access to the Lending Library is simple, attend one of the FREE Lending Library Training Sessions.
After you finish Lending Library Training, you will have access to thousands of classroom instructional aids for a two-week lending period, or an extended period upon request. 
Members have additional access to the Lending Library Professional Learning Community sessions, during which we explore a new item from the library and its benefit as an instructional aid.

  • Lending Library Access

    Join the Millard Oakley STEM Center to enrich your students’ lives with STEM instructional resources.

    Access to the Lending Library is simple...complete a short training session educators will have access the Upper Cumberland's largest library of instructional resources.

    The STEM Center is focused on building the community of STEM-education teachers in the Upper Cumberland.

    When you gain access to the Lending Library, you not only have access to great tools to use in the classroom, you are entering a collaborative community of educators sharing their experiences and lessons with the equipment we offer.

  • Training & Membership

    Dates, 4:30-5:30pm, Registration coming soon.

  • Professional Learning Community (PLC)

    Lending Library Members will have access to a new user session that focuses on specific collections in the STEM Center's Lending Library.

    Members will be provided sample lessons utilizing our lending library equipment for classroom implementation.

    We urge all teachers who have previously attended Lending Library Training or User Group Training to register for Lending Library PLC. It offers a first-hand look at the resources we have to offer, and 2-3 new featured tutorials on how these great tools work. We look forward to seeing you at the Millard Oakley STEM Center.

    Have a specific Lending Library item you want us to develop a lesson plan around? Make your request to the STEM Center at

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