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Health Insurance ›

This plan is provided for eligible employees of the State of Tennessee and includes medical/hospitalization coverage. The medical care portion is self-insured by the State of Tennessee and administered by the State of Tennessee Insurance Administration office in Nashville, Tennessee. Information and benefit material regarding the State Group Insurance Program can be accessed at the state ParTNers for Health page.

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Dental Insurance ›

Tennessee Tech offers dental coverage through the State of Tennessee. Currently, there are two different dental plans to choose from. Employees may enroll during their initial enrollment period or during the annual enrollment period. Once enrolled, employees cannot make changes until the next enrollment period (absent a qualifying event). 

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Vision Insurance ›

Tennessee Tech offers vision insurance through the State of Tennessee through EyeMed. Currently, there are two levels offered: Basic and Expanded. Employees may enroll during their initial enrollment period or during the annual enrollment period. Once enrolled, employees cannot make changes until the next enrollment period (absent a qualifying event).

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Life Insurance ›

Basic Term and AD&D Life

  • All benefits-eligible employees receive $20,000 in basic term life insurance and $40,000 in basic accidental death and dismemberment insurance paid by Tennessee Tech at no cost to the employee.
  • Employees pay the monthly premium on any additional coverage above the Tennessee Tech paid amounts.
  • Premiums are determined by the employee’s level of life insurance coverage and salary.

Voluntary AD&D

  • Employees can buy voluntary AD&D insurance to give additional protection if the employee or employee’s covered dependent’s death or dismemberment is due to an accident. This is in addition to the basic AD&D coverage. The employee will pay the full monthly premiums.

Optional Voluntary Group Term Life

  • Employees can buy additional voluntary term life insurance.
  • This coverage is available regardless of whether the employee or dependents enroll in health coverage.
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Optional/Voluntary Term Life ›

  • Effective date is the 1st day of month after completed 3 full calendar months of employment.
  • Insurance provided by Minnesota Life.
  • Employee pays 100% of premium.

Optional/Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance ›

  • Effective date is the 1st day of the month following one full month of employment except Optional Voluntary Group Term Life. This will become effective after completing three full calendar months of employment.
  • Insurance provided by Minnesota Life.
  • Employee pays 100% of premium.
Optional / Voluntary Life / AD&D

Short Term Disability ›

  • The state offers short-term disability insurance to higher education employees through MetLife. 
  • Disability insurance helps cover your living expenses by protecting your pre-disability income lost due to sickness, pregnancy or as a direct result of accidental injury.
  • Members pay the full monthly premium.

Long Term Disability ›

  • Long-term disability replaces a portion of your income during a disability that is expected to last longer than 90-180 days.
  • Insurance is provided by Reliance Standard.
  • Members pay the full monthly premium.

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Flexible Benefits ›


  • Employee’s may contribute to flexible spending accounts to pay for health care and dependent care while saving money on your taxes. An FSA allows you to pay certain expenses from your pre-tax income rather than after-tax income. The maximum amount you can contribute to an FSA is set by the Internal Revenue Service. The limits are subject to change yearly, and your employer may set a lower limit than the maximum allowed by the IRS.


  • Tennessee Tech will put money into your HSA at the beginning of the year: $500 for employee-only coverage or $1,000 for family coverage.
  • Tennessee Tech does not put money into your HSA if your coverage starts September 2 through December 31.
  • Funded amounts are subjected to change yearly.

Flexible Spending Account

Wellness Program ›

  • ActiveHealth Management is our wellness vendor, and they can help you achieve your health goals.
  • Employees enrolled in our health plan can each earn up to $250 a year by completing certain wellness activities, if eligible.

Wellness Program

Educational Assistance and Fee Waiver ›

Tennessee Tech is committed to the need for continued professional growth and development of its employees.  Therefore, Tech offers generous educational benefits for its employees, their spouses, and dependent children. Please submit educational assistance forms to Human Resources based on current deadlines to ensure timely processing.

» Regular Full-time employees
Full-time regular employees of Tennessee Tech are eligible to enroll in one credit course per term, undergraduate or graduate, at any state of Tennessee public school with fees waived for the employee.

» Regular Part-time employees
Regular part-time employees receive a prorated portion of assistance based on their percentage of employment.

For more information in regards to the Educational Assistance Policies, please choose one of the buttons below.

For Employees   For Spouse and Dependents

Sick Leave Bank ›

The Tennessee Tech Sick Leave Bank provides coverage for employees during personal medical events that may require an employee to miss an extended period of work.  Faculty and Staff may enroll in the sick leave bank during the month of October.  Please note you may receive sick leave donations from other employees only if you are an existing sick bank member. 


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ›

Tennessee Tech provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) free of charge to employees.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a personnel assistant to help you with your busy life? Need to find a dog-walking service? A moving van? Someone to write your will? Perhaps you have concerns about a work or personal issue.

Speak with the advisors at Here4TN privately, on the phone or online. They will search and verify services for you, giving answers to your questions, big and small.

Call anytime, day or night… 855-Here4TN.                                  

TDD/TTY: Dial 711

University Faculty and Staff Flower and Gift Fund ›

The University recognizes the importance of our talented faculty and staff to the success of Tennessee Tech's mission.  As such, Tech recognizes personal events of our faculty and staff through the flower and gift fund.

» Guidelines for Flower and Gift Fund 2023

» Sign up for the Flower Fund 


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