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Whether you’re a new employee or have been at Tech for many years, the compensation program is designed to attract, motivate, and retain a well-qualified, diverse workforce.  One of HR’s main objectives is to support the mission of the university in providing leadership and outstanding programs that benefit the people of Tennessee.  To do this, Tennessee Tech offers a competitive compensation package, recognizes and rewards individual initiative and achievement, all while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 


A position should be considered for reclassification when there have been substantial and permanent changes in job duties, job complexity and/or knowledge and skills required.  Changes to a position can occur naturally over a period of time or as a result of organizational changes.  Position reclassifications are position driven not employee driven. It is important to note that not all changes in a position should result in the position being reclassified.  Changes in job duties that may be at a higher level, but are not substantial enough to justify a higher pay grade through reclassification, should result in an update of the existing position description and not a change in pay grade or classification. Factors that are not considered in reclassification of position include: performance of the incumbent; longevity of the incumbent; change in volume of work; personality; or financial need.

Documents Required for a Reclassification Request

  • New Job Description/JAQ (Download Word Template)
    • Describe the new/additional duties and tasks to be/being performed, including any benefits to the University and expected operational enhancements.
  • Reclass Comparison (Download Excel Template)
    • Clearly define the substantive changes to the position.

Reclassification Request Forms

New Hire Salary Ranges
The starting salary ranges for Administrative and Clerical & Support new hires are determined by considering:

  • Established pay grade and range for the position
  • Relevant education and experience of applicant as compared to the minimum qualifications

Administrative Starting Salary Ranges (PDF)
C&S Starting Salary Ranges (PDF)

Degree Attainment Raises

Employees who have been employed at Tennessee Tech for at least one year and obtain a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree (above their current degree status) are eligible for an increase based on the degree type.  

To obtain this increase, please notify your supervisor.  Your supervisor will submit a PAF for the change.  The employee will request for official transcripts to be sent to Human Resources from the educational institution directly.  Once the PAF is approved and the transcripts are received, the increase will be effective the following month.

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