Creator+ Insert Elements

Creator+ enables you to add interactive components to a Content file to promote student engagement. These interactive components are available in two options: Elements and Practices.

How to add a Creator+ Element

  1. Go to your course in iLearn
  2. Select Content in the navigation bar
    Select Content

  3. Choose the Module where you want to create the file.
  4. Select the Upload/Create button and then choose Create a File.
    Create the file

  5. Enter a title and choose the +  button to select Creator +.
    Enter title and select the + button

  6. Select Insert Element from the drop-down menu.
    Select Insert Element

  7. Select the desired element type from the list. (Accordion will be used in this example).
    Select the Element you want to add

  8. Enter the information on the specific element screen. (Tab title and content)
    Enter information for the element

  9. Select Preview button.
    Select Preview

  10. Click Insert button.
    Select Insert

  11. Select Save and Close button.
    Select Save and Close

  12. Element is ready to use.
    Element View

Types of Elements