Using HTML Templates in iLearn

HTML Templates can be used in your iLearn course in the Content tool. This allows you to create accessible resources that are easy to read and edit. 

Using HTML Templates in Content

  1. Go to your course in iLearn
  2. Select Content in the navigation bar
  3. Choose the Module where you want to create the file
  4. Select the Upload/Create button
  5. Select Create a File
  6. Enter a Title and choose the Select a Document Template button
  7. Choose the template you would like to use from the drop-down list
    1. Copy content from another document or type content in directly to the body of the page. If you use a document that already has defined styles, they will copy over intact and update with the look of the template.
    2. You can use the HTML Editor options to add links to other content. Use the Insert Stuff, Quicklinks, or Image icons to add items and link other resources and assessments from the course into the page.
  8. Click Save and Close when done.

Watch the video about editing HTML Templates.

View an Example of Each Template