Quiz Attempt Issues

At times, a student will attempt a quiz and something might happen or settings were not set prior to the test and it hasn't behaved as you had hoped. Here are some of the main issues we see and how to resolve them.

Once the quiz begins and students have taken it, any changes will only take affect for people who have not taken the quiz.

Some issues you might run into:

1. My student had an issue with their attempt and they need to take it again.

    1. You can either delete their original attempt by going to the Quiz – select Grade in the drop-down menu – select the checkbox to the left of their attempt and click the Reset option, or
    2. You can select the Special Access area and give them a second attempt. If the original quiz dates have expired, you will need to adjust the dates in the Special Access area for that student’s additional attempt.

2. A student said they took the quiz, but I don't see their results when I go into the Graded submissions.

    1. If a student forgot to submit a quiz, it will go into an "In Progress" mode. The instructor can submit this quiz attempt for the student. 
    2. Go to the Quiz and select Grade in the menu to the right.
    3. Select Show 

3. The quiz didn't grade automatically!

    1. Just make sure that you go to the Assessments tab and that the options mentioned in the Assessment tab area are all selected.

4. The quiz isn't showing for the students

    1. First, make sure the Hidden from Users option is not checked on the Restrictions tab.
    2. Double check the dates are correct.
    3. If you used Special Access, make sure you have the Allow selected users special access to this quiz option checked.

Lockdown Browser or Respondus Monitor

This allows you to enable Lockdown Browser or Respondus Monitor on your quiz.

  • Lockdown Browser – a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within an LMS.
  • Respondus Monitor – uses Lockdown Browser, a student’s webcam and video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams. This option requires the student to pay $15 per year for the license. This is for the entire year, for all classes and all tests that use Monitor for that student.

To enable, you will go to AssessmentsQuizzes and at the top of the page there is a Lockdown Browser link. Select this link and it will take you to the area to enable the options. For more information about Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor, check out the CITL site.

STUDENT DOWNLOADS: To give the students a chance to download the software prior to the actual quiz/exam, create a fake test with Lockdown Browser (and Monitor, if you are using it) enabled. Add one simple question to the fake quiz and make it unlimited attempts. No other settings are necessary. This will be less stressful to students to try it out on a no-stakes quiz.

STUDENTS WITH WEBCAM ISSUES: Please contact the CITL and we will help you look at your options for this type of situation.

There are other ways to encourage students to honor their Academic Oath of Integrity. You can build your Question Library and create Question Pools that choose a selected number of random questions for each student. You can also randomize your question answers. If you need assistance with this or would like to know more, please let us know.