Internal Audit

State Audit Investigations

Occasionally, State Audit’s Division of Investigations performs investigations on campus. During their investigations, they may want to interview employees or request information. Here are some pointers on how to respond to their requests:

Verify the Identity of the Investigator

1.      Investigators from State Audit that come to you in person should show you their badges and State identification. If they do not, please ask to see them.

2.      Any legitimate email correspondence from the Division of Investigations should be from an email address.

3.      If you have questions about who they are or the email you received, please call Internal Audit at 3045; we may be familiar with the investigator or be able to help you be sure of their identity.

Once you verify that the individuals you are dealing with are legitimate Division of Investigations’ employees, you need to cooperate with them and comply with their requests for information. TCA 39-16-410 and TCA 9-3-206 respectively deal with the requirement to cooperate with the investigators and the investigators’ authority to access information.

Securely Provide Requested Information

If the investigator requests original documents, they will give you a “Receipt/Release” form that describes exactly what they are taking and requires both their signature and yours. Make a copy of the original document you provided and the completed, signed form for your records, and keep both in a secure location.

If the investigator requests information containing PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or other very sensitive information to be electronically transmitted, they will set up a secure drop file via OneDrive with a link that only persons authorized by the investigator can use. If you are not comfortable with this process, the investigator can stop by and pick up hard copies of the requested records in person.

**Please feel free to call our office at 3045 if you have any questions about this information.

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