Internal Audit

Stay Informed - Recent Audit Findings

Internal Audit has added this section to our website to inform the campus community of recent Internal Audit findings with campus-wide relevance so that all departments can be aware and remain vigilant in preventing future audit findings of a similar nature.

Findings from recent audits:

Audit Title

Audit Finding

Policy/Procedure Violated

Travel A Foundation Procard was used for lodging expenses in advance of and in the state of travel. These charges were then reallocated to a university account. Using a Foundation Procard in this manner circumvented the normal review process for lodging charges done by Accounts Payable for all non-Foundation university travel. Procard Manual - II-H-5 and Policy 506-General & Group Travel Policies - IV.A.5.c & IV.A.7
Travel Advance written approval was not obtained for out-of-state travel by a university employee. Policy 506-General & Group Travel Policies - IV.A.5.c and IV.B.3a

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