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Angelo & Jennette Volpe Library

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Main:  (931) 372-3326
Administration:  (931) 372-3408
Fax:  (931) 372-6112
Address:  1100 N. Peachtree Ave., Box 5066, Cookeville, TN 38505-0001

Library hours are available here.  Please contact staff members directly to inquire about their availability.

(building maintenance, payroll, archives and special collections, budget)
Photo of Dean Doug Bates Dean of Library and Learning Assistance Dr. Doug Bates 931-372-3408 Library Room 220
Photo of Megan Atkinson Archives Megan Atkinson 931-372-3958 Library Room 100
Photo of Sharon Buckner Administration Sharon Buckner 931-372-3409 Library Room 217
 Photo of Jennifer Dewar Archives Jennifer Dewar 931-372-3537 Library Room 104
  Administration Heather Laclair 931-372-3408 Library Room 214
  Archives Hannah O'Daniel McCallon 931-372-6243 Library Room 100
(academic support for students in developing skills in writing, reading, and math)
 Photo of Janet Whiteaker LSP Coordinator;
Reading & Writing
Dr. Janet Whiteaker 931-372-3456 Library Room 360A
Photo of Debra Bryant Math Dr. Debra Bryant 931-372-3668 Library Room 360D
Photo of Hank Duvier Math Hank Duvier 931-372-3514 Library Room 360B
Pam Harden Math Dr. Pam Harden 931-372-6357 Warf Hall 111
Photo of Ann Lewald Reading & Writing Ann Lewald 931-372-3702 Library Room 141C
(front desk, collection maintenance and donations, research help, instruction, testing, tutoring, records management, notary, library website, library systems, EagleSearch)
Photo of Sharon Holderman Public Services Coordinator Sharon Holderman 931-372-3822 Library Room 204
Photo of Rose Black Circulation & Front Desk Rose Black 931-372-6107 Library Room 211
 Aleta Cannon TLC Testing Aleta Cannon 931-372-3210 Library Room 176
Photo of Lydia Kendall TLC (Testing & Learning Center) Lydia Kendall 931-372-3380 Library Room 141
Photo of Ann Manginelli Research Help Dr. Ann Manginelli 931-372-6237 Library Room 208
Photo of Charlene McClain Circulation & Front Desk Charlene McClain 931-372-6109 Library Room 212
Photo of Holly Mills Research Help Holly Mills 931-372-3544 Library Room 210
Photo of Brandon Norton TLC Learning Center (Tutoring) Dr. Brandon Norton 931-372-3841 Library Room 123
 Ashleigh Reeder TLC Testing Ashleigh Reeder 931-372-6113 Library Room 176
(cataloging, materials purchasing, electronic resource licensing, InterLibrary Loan, government documents)
Photo of Stuart Gaetjens Technical Services Coordinator Stuart Gaetjens 931-372-6110 Library Room 146
Photo of Stephanie Adams Electronic Resources Stephanie Adams 931-372-3545 Library Room 146A
Photo of Sonya Bowman InterLibrary Loan Sonya Bowman 931-372-3710 Library Room 145A
Photo of Mary Cooper Acquisitions & Periodicals Mary Cooper 931-372-6451 Library Room 145B
Photo of Mei Hu Metadata Mei Hu 931-372-3530 Library Room 140A
Photo of Teresa Queener Cataloging Teresa Queener 931-372-3470 Library Room 140B

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