Course Reserves Procedures

The library’s course reserves collection gives students physical access to supplemental and research materials for their coursework in support of the university’s educational mission.

Items eligible for reserve:

  • Course reserves can be materials from the library collection or items personally owned by the instructor including books*, journals, microfiche, government publications, DVDs, CDs, and other media items.
  • All reserves will be housed behind the library front desk (2nd floor).
  • Course reserves will be annually evaluated based on course offerings and usage.

Items NOT eligible for reserve:

  • Materials obtained through interlibrary loan may not be placed on course reserves.
  • Articles, class notes, and sample exams will not be put on course reserves. They should be digitized and put in iLearn for students to access.*
  • The library reserves the right to refuse any materials for reserve if it is suspected they might be in violation of copyright law.

*The library offers a scanning service. If you have a portion of a book or articles that you would like digitized to put into iLearn, contact Rose Black ( or 372-6107).

Checking out reserve materials:

  • A valid Eagle Card is required to check out course reserves.
  • All media items are checked out for 2 hours and are viewed in the library (there are viewing stations on the 3rd floor for students to use).
  • Instructors select one of two checkout durations for each item they put on reserve:
    • 2 hours: item may not leave the building and may be renewed if no one is waiting for the item (media items must be 2 hours)
    • 4 days: item may leave the building and may be renewed.
  • Students are responsible for the timely return of all reserves. The library may notify an instructor if there are major abuses of due dates/times.

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