End of Term Information for Students

Academic Standing and GPA

Your final academic standing and GPA will be available for review after the Office of the Registrar completes all grading and GPA calculations. You will receive an email notification letting you know that those are ready.

  • To review your Academic Standing and GPA:
    • access Eagle Online from Tech Express
    • click Student 
    • click Student Records
    • click View Final Grades or click Academic Transcript

If you review your academic standing and find you are on academic suspension, you will be sent an email as soon as possible making you aware of this change in standing as well as your recourse. Please monitor your email carefully during this time so you do not miss important details. 


Course Repeats

Course repetition exclusions will be marked on academic records prior to the calculation of academic standing. Please view the Repetition of Classes statement in the Undergraduate Catalog.



Degree conferral will begin after the final GPA calculation is complete (see calendar above for an estimation). Once degrees are conferred, this information is sent to Parchment. Parchment will process our school's file and begin mailing out degrees within weeks of receiving our file. Please allow several weeks to receive your diploma in the mail. A digital copy of your diploma will be emailed to your email account once Parchment processes our school file and will be available to you before the printed copy will reach you. 

Degrees will be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse the week following end of term. 

Transcript orders with "hold for degree" selected as the processing option will be processed within 1-2 business days of degree conferral. 


Grade Appeals/Changes

Contact your course instructor directly if you believe the final grade on your Academic Transcript is incorrect. 

If you do not see a grade reported, rather an "NR" grade, a final grade was not reported for your course. NR notations do not influence the GPA, however, you will want to contact your instructor to have a final grade entered as soon as possible to avoid delays with graduation, verifications, etc. 


Transcripts and Verifications

Official Transcripts :

  • Orders with the processing option of "hold for grades" will begin to be processed typically the Friday of end of term week.
  • Transcript orders with "hold for degree" selected as the processing option will be processed within 1-2 business das of degree conferral. 
  • Transcript orders with "process immediately" or "send now" selected as the processing option will be processed typically the Friday of end of term week if received the week of end of term processing. 

Unofficial Transcripts: 
Unofficial transcripts are available for your review at anytime by accessing your Academic Transcript in Eagle Online. Please be mindful when reviewing your academic transcript in Eagle Online that not all information is final until end of term week is complete. The processes of end of term week will influence your GPA and Academic Standing. If after the week of end of term, you feel your GPA or academic standing are in error, please contact our office at that time. 

To confirm your enrollment for the recently completed or subsequent semesters, please use the Enrollment Verification link in Eagle Online.