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All transcripts, per FERPA regulations, are issued once a request has been placed. For in-person requests, a valid photo ID is required for authentication purposes. All indebtedness to the university must be paid before a transcript will be issued.

The Difference Between an "Official Copy" and a "Student Copy" of a Transcript

Official Transcript

An official copy of your transcript is printed on security paper. You can request a "Student Official Copy" of your transcript to be mailed to you. Your transcript will be copied on security paper, but it will also have "Issued to Student" stamped on it. Official copies of transcripts are usually required by other universities and some prospective employers.

Student Copy

A student copy of your transcript has "Issued to Student" stamped in red ink on regular white paper. Transcripts mailed, faxed, or handed directly to a student will be stamped "Issued to Student.

Requests for Transcripts may be completed the following ways:

  • Online

    • Via Credentials eTranscript
    • Recommended for current students and recent alumni
    • No photo ID required (sign-in authentication)

  • Paper

    Transcript Request form

    • Recommended for any student, but especially former alumni whose attendance dates are all prior to the Summer of 1986
    • Requires photo ID
    • Limit of 5 transcripts

  • In Person

    • Visit Jere Whitson Building, room 221
    • Recommended for any student or alumni
    • Requires photo ID
    • Limit of 5 transcripts

Online Transcript Request Procedures

Finally! The wait is over! Tech has retained Credentials Solutions, LLC to accept transcript orders over the internet.  Please click on the TranscriptsPlus icon below to enter your order.  If you are uncomfortable placing an order over the Internet, you can call Credentials Inc. at 847-716-3005 to place your transcript request.  There is an additional operator surcharge for placing orders over the telephone.

Credentials (eTranscript ordering)

Icon for TransceiptsPlus Server

  • Click here for the Credentials eTranscript service.
  • Click here to check the status of your transcript request with Credentials.

Eagle Online Transcript Ordering

  • Login to Eagle Online.
    • If all attendance dates are prior to Summer of 1986, you must request your transcript via paper request!
    • If you experience any login issues, please see the information below regarding retrieving your T number, password assistance, etc. 
  • Click Student.
  • Click Student Records.
  • Click Order Official Transcript. 
  • Follow the prompts. 
Don't remember your T Number?

Simply go to Eagle Online, click Find your Tech ID Number and answer the questions that follow!

Don't remember your password?

Click the Forgot Pin link and answer the questions that follow. For additional assistance, contact the myTECH Helpdesk at 931.372.3975.

Never setup an Eagle Online account before?

Setup is easy and is one-time only. After setting up your account, it will be accessible to you anytime thereafter. You may obtain your T Number by following the instructions above. For your pin, contact myTECH Helpdesk for assistance, who will verify your identity for security purposes, at 931.372.3975.

Login issues?

Contact the myTECH Helpdesk for assistance at 931.372.3975