Grading Scale

On September 1, 1951, the University adopted a 4.0 quality point scale, changing from the 3.0 scale grading system.

Grades are indicated by letters as follows: 

A Excellent
B Good
C Satisfactory
D Passing
F Failure
I Incomplete*
IF Incomplete, (calculated as an F)
NF Fail, Never Attended
P Pass*
AU Audit*
X Absent from Examination
W Withdrew passing*
S Satisfactory*
U Unsatisfactory
CU Co-Op Unsatisfactory*
SP Thesis (satisfactory progress)*
NP Theses (no progress)*

Exchange program*

Access Your Grades Online

Students may view and/or print a copy of semester grades from the Eagle Online Information System. To access your student information, click on "Registration, Grades, Student Services, Bill Payment, Financial Aid Information" and login using your Student ID and 6-digit PIN. You may contact the Office of the Registrar at 372-3317 for more information.