Welcome to Nontraditional Student Services

We understand that nontraditional students have diverse priorities and attend school for various reasons. This journey will profoundly impact your life and those around you. 

Tennessee Tech University, along with the Division of Student Affairs, is dedicated to assisting your transition and providing support throughout your time with us. The campus community belongs to you, and we wholeheartedly welcome you.

This website serves as an online resource for nontraditional student support services that can enhance your educational journey. Please take the opportunity to look over the resources that we have provided.

Who is a Nontraditional Student?

You might consider yourself a nontraditional student if you:

  • Not having a traditional high school diploma
  • Have experienced interruptions or delays in your education since high school
  • Have an independent financial status
  • Are taking classes completely online
  • Attending school part-time
  • Being employed full-time
  • Parents with dependent children, regardless of age
  • Caregiver of a family member
  • Active, reserve, or veteran members of the military

*Information based on Department of Education definitions

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If you have any questions not covered here, do not hesitate to visit our Student Affairs website!


Find Your Place  

Nontraditional students possess distinct needs, and here at Tennessee Tech University, there is a wide range of resources and services at your disposal to aid in achieving a balance between your academic and personal life.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Nontraditional Student Services is to provide guidance, support, and resources to Tennessee Tech University students who do not fit the traditional student category. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve their educational journey, from enrollment to graduation. In addition, we seek to raise the awareness of faculty, administrators and students with regard to the needs of this important group on campus. 


How to Join the Nontraditional Student Organization

Student organizations offer a wide range of opportunities for you to get connected on campus, gain valuable skills and experiences, and make the most of your college experience. These groups are student-led and supported by faculty advisors and the Center for Student Engagement. Currently, the main student organization that supports nontraditional students is called appropriately enough the Nontraditional Student Organization.

If you are interested in joining, information can be found in Eagle Engage, Tech’s online hub for student organizations, campus events, and more. Once logged into Eagle Engage, select the “Groups” tab and then “All Groups.” You can search organizations for "Nontraditional Student Organization." Once on their page, you can find out more information on the group, or if you are ready to join, simply click the "Join Group" button in the top right corner and a member will be in touch with you.

Supporting Lifelong Learners

Tennessee Tech University offers a virtual community for lifelong learners. The community is delivered via our online iLearn platform and serves as an informational resource and opportunity for interaction with other adult and non-traditional (lifelong) learners.

Topics and activities in the resource include the following:

  • Making Connections & Knowing Your Support System
  • Student Resources & Technology Support
  • Emergency Resources
  • Student & Professional Skills Development
  • Regular Announcements about Various Events and Campus Resources
  • Opportunities for Discussion and Interaction

For more on the virtual community, please fill out a registration form request.


Academic Support

Academic Support

Tennessee Tech University provides a wide range of academic resources to support the success of every student. Additionally, if you have specific needs not covered here, do not hesitate to contact Student Affairs for further assistance.


Wellness and Well-Being Support

Wellness and Well-Being Support

Tennessee Tech places a strong emphasis on self-care and maintaining a balanced life. We offer a number of resources to support both mental and physical well-being, including individual and group counseling sessions, exercise classes, and food security options.


Financial Support

Financial Support

The university provides an array of scholarships for its students. If you consider yourself a nontraditional student, you might qualify to apply for a number of different scholarships.


Family Support

Family Support

Our goal is to ensure your success beyond the classroom while helping you maintain a healthy balance between your home life and education. As a student, you have access to various resources, such as off-campus housing options, university childcare opportunities, and caregiver resources.


Stay in Touch

If you are interested in staying up to date on all that's going on in the nontraditional/online education realm, please contact to have them put you on their list if you are not already. This email account's purpose is to be a general point of contact for current and prospective online students. It will also provide information on events and highlight achievements in their online newsletter that is sent through the account to current online students.


As president of the Nontraditional Student Organization (NTSO), I urge all of us to celebrate Nontraditional Student Week and recognize the invaluable contributions of those who, against all odds, pursue their higher education dreams. -MICHELE NIEC
Nontraditional students face unique challenges, but their resilience, determination, and diverse life experiences enrich our campus community and exemplify the true spirit of lifelong learning. -MICHELE NIEC